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“I’m seeing someone else” July 18th 2016, I’ve never felt more pain.  As you send me these words they stab like daggers, My heart drops to my stomach and I suddenly feel nothing.  Memories of joy and happiness flee  and I am left numb.   Though its been a month and a half since you left, the previous 19 with you still linger.  Memories, that's all they are memories that I'm holding on to, Memories that tear me up inside.  Some days the thought of moving on has come across my mind, only by night to listen to your favorite songs and drown in my tears.   I thought we were forever  but as nights grown longer; I’m unable to control my sobs, and I’m unable to breath. I can’t stop thinking about you I roll over and you’re not there, I check my texts and you’re not there, I’m constantly reminded that you’re no longer there.   “I’m seeing some one else”  A slap of reality that you’re no longer mine. You're with someone else, you’re happy.  leaving me behind.  Behind in memories that I can’t let go, behind in memories that make me wish you were still forever mine. 

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Charles Muchori

In case you are really going through this, I am sorry. But you are going to be OK. I promise.

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