7 seconds

7 seconds, they say

 is all that you need

to decide what you think

you are thinking of me


it’s subconscious

at best,

I must stress

and impress

first impressions are



and ingested


and digested


and contested

in no time at all

I’ve been judged

and then tested


No room for inquest

if I’ve messed

up my chance,

that impression

is there from

that very first glance.

No rehearsal, reversal

or any advance

I must live with the image,

assumption and stance

that I left there


unable to change,

what you think I am like

I just can’t rearrange.

So whatever the setting

whatever the place

I must do my best.

Be amazing,

with grace.

Be engaging,

breath taking,

Be funny,

Be fair

Be active,



with flair


Be charming,

a darling



that whoever

I’m meeting

no seconds to spare


So I will do my best

to be cool from the start

in the first seven seconds

I’ll be sure I don’t fart!

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