"7 or never, 7 or nothing"

When the world challenges me and screams in my ear

When I feel lost, unpretty, to stupid

When I'm drowning in everything that means nothing

I look to them


In the long dark tunnel of unknown, there's a light up ahead

The light that shines and helps me smile

It's them

I follow their voices, their angelic voices, and smile as I listen to their laughter

Soothing my pain, soothing the stress,

They, despite not knowing my existence, drive me to happiness


How could these people make me so happy?

How could they make me feel pretty?

They inspire me and move me, making every bad day better

They say one thing and I feel light as a feather

Like I'm on a cloud, blushing madly at the words that they don't even need to speak

To say I'm pretty


Their laughter makes me smile,

Their power to sing and dance to the beat of their hearts

They Inspire me


And even though space between our lands are filled with salty waters

They reach me in my heart, listening without hearing me

Protecting me without being beside me

Loving me, without even knowing me


Idols they are, yes

But, they sooth me and comfort me on my bad days

Even without them physically present, they know how to make me happy


“Just, forever, seven people

7 or never, 7 or nothing

If it’s not seven, it’s not Got7”

-Jackson Wang of Got7, 2016


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