5th Grade

Fri, 07/22/2016 - 21:16 -- Salvaa


United States

5th grade, yellow pencils out

Another lesson to forget

“Tomorrow is mother’s day!”


Do you remember anything?

I don’t remember much

But I do remember 2008’s May


I wrote a poem, using rhyme zone

The habit of rhyming still hasn’t left

I wrote that day sincerely


Not only did I write mine

I wrote one for everyone

Because I was being praised, clearly


The principal with her heavy footsteps

Walked in to hear our writing

Forced to speak, I read with pride


“My mom is very nice

She also cooks rice

I have an aunt in Vermont

My mom is the best mom anyone could want”


Claps of all sorts of rhythms rung

As I stood there with my head up

My happiness hard to hide


It was the first time I was acknowledge

Told I had some sort of a talent

From then, I began to write


Now, it stands for something more

My savior and my friend, this writing

It has become my light

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