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I used to be happy and joyful and free

Now life has put its shackles on me

And all this stuff’s built up inside

But I have no more tears to cry


I’d say I thought what we had was real

Though it’s more than just my thoughts you steal

I knew exactly when I’d go

And now I just don’t even know


I’d like to believe in the things you said

But the things you said are good and dead

I can’t believe what you’ve done to me

It’s so surreal it could be a dream


But we both know I don’t dream anymore

It’s only nightmares that reach my door

Don’t, won’t, can’t, they’re all the same

All are remnants of my shame


Of the life I thought that I could have

Turns out happiness is just a fad

I used to believe in fairy tales,

But they’re just stories when all else fails


And all those wonderful things you said would come true

You said to believe them but I can’t believe you

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