5 SoS


I want to hear the slow music playing. With his small & quiet grunts of moans.

Hear me saying Im ready. Him saying he loves me.

I want to smell the brown sugar & vinilla candles. With the sent of red and white rose petals.

Smell my Ink’d mixing with his Axe.

I want to touch his body in all the right ways. with the right feeling to continue

I want to feel him undoing my bra as I lift his shirt

Feel the pain overpowered by to much pleasure to stop.

I want to see his eyes looking back at mine. With equal lust

See that he wants me just as bad as I want him, then just a bit more.

I want to taste his lips on mine. with an devine feeling; taste the sweet chocolate off his neck.

my 5 Senses of Sensation



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you 4 sharing this poem

it takes courage & strength

love overcomes fear

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