324 Level Road


addendum to title: Collegeville, Pennsylvania 19426

Exposure therapy to confront reality
that home of boyhood, adolescence, and
when I outstretched the Scottish tartan
Harris Tweed welcome matt frustrated parents
vitriol unleashed tough-love,
smacked regularly quasi planned
threatened ultimatums venomous witches
x2c yawping against my brand
of falling out of their good graces,
though hatching escape merely fanned
actions to hightail to bedroom, a secure space, not exceptionally grand
yet despite the rapacious and relentless rage
against the sole son, who hand
did lee manage to incite the wrath
of me papa and late mama, this parcel of land
namely 324 level road, Collegeville,
Penna, 19426 found yours truly to withstand
invisible onslaught of slingshot barbs,
cuz of fear to rely on self, which solo endeavor did demand
belief, confidence and faith in innate survival skills,
hence countless admonitions recurred
from those who begat their only male heir,
provoking predictable panned
da moan he hum in tandem
with concomitant wickedness akin to eland
caught in cross hairs getting pistol-whipped
with many barking explicit derogatory gerund
expletives, that did not dislodge this immobile body electric
defying logic, now in retrospect clueless why I suffered to withstand
incessant verbal, venal, and n’er vampire weakened blows
inexplicable, how this soulful, ruminating,
and tortured walking wounded blithely weathered turpitude  
though devoid of sense and sensibility, how no man iz an island
though at times incontinent, where jocund this bard for’er opened
Pandora’s box, but hindsight softened cleft pride and prejudice
whereat bulldozed site of once grand “Glen Elm” tears me up inside
fading memories refreshed,
via priceless gift from beloved younger sister
unwittingly mitigated hammer blows of pain to confront the void,
whence away from obliterated complex edifice grief felt damned!







This poem is about: 
My family


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