3 Peaks Of Happiness

What is Happiness? Is it Success?Is it Achievement that creates so much stress? Success creates money that creates Pleasure and Bliss But this is not what true Happiness is! Happiness is not money, otherwise the rich would be glad! There are people who are successful, why are they sad? Happiness is not Pleasure that depends on many a thing True Happiness is Peace, it is a state of being Who doesn't want to be Happy? Who wants to be Sad? There may be a few, but they are then mad!Everybody in this world wants to be Happy, wants to smile But most have miseries that are longer than the Nile!  Money can buy pleasure, but it can't buy Happiness Money can buy medicines, but health we can miss Money can buy a diamond ring but love it cannot bring Money cannot buy Bliss, though it can buy many a thing Happiness is like a shadow which we cannot chaseFurther it goes away, when you are in a raceThose who seek success may become an aceBut they are sure to end in the misery maze! Happiness is something that everyone seeksHappiness can be found on three little peaksThe first peak is Achievement, the second is Fulfillment But the ultimate Happiness comes with Enlightenment On the first peak of Happiness, what we get is Pleasure We become Happy because of material treasureThe Happiness on this peak is not very strongWe are Happy for a moment, but it does not last long The second peak of Happiness is called FulfillmentIt comes from being satisfied, living with ContentmentIt is letting go of Pleasure that comes from Achievement And living with Peace which gives Bliss that is consistent  But while we have Pleasure and while we have PeaceWe will have Sorrow that will make our Bliss ceaseIf we want to be Happy, then Life's Purpose we must find This is Enlightenment, it is transcending the mind The Mind is a monkey, it steals our PeaceIt makes us desire and it continues to teaseIt swings like a monkey to a past that is goneAnd robs our Bliss because of a future not yet born If we want to be Happy, we must still the Mind We must be still, Consciousness we must find In this state, we are not caught in a thought But this Bliss to enjoy, we sadly forgot! Because we are chasing money, success and wealth We lose our Life, we lose our healthWe may have all the money that can give us pleasure But we will not attain Peace which is the real treasure Peace is the foundation of HappinessWhere there is no Peace, there cannot be Bliss Therefore, we must make sure not to lose Peace of Mind Then, true Bliss and ecstasy in life we will find Far happier are those who have Peace in their tank Than those who have a lot of money in their bank Money is important, but it can't buy HappinessWith money, can you go shopping for Bliss? But more important than pleasure and peace, is this Finding Purpose leads to true HappinessWho am I? Why did I come to earth?True Bliss is realizing the purpose of this birth When we overcome ignorance and we realize the Truth We are free from sorrow when we get to the rootWhen we realize we are not the Body, Ego or MindAll misery and suffering, we leave behind! But to reach this state of Enlightenment is rareTo be Enlightened in Life, not many people careWe are ignorant that from misery we can be freeIf we evolve on the Happiness peaks, from one to three Everybody who is born must suffer painWe become miserable again and againBut the one who realizes that who suffers is not me He from the triple suffering is free  Because we think we are the Body, we suffer aches and pain Because of the Ego, we are miserable againBecause of the Mind, we live with worry and fearThe Ego, the Body, the Mind, create many a tear! But once we realize we are none of the three Then from all miseries, we can be freeWe can live with Bliss and Peace Enlightenment makes all miseries cease Happiness is thus, not what we are taught Alas! In the Success race we are caught To make money, is our primary thought And what true Happiness is, we forgot! If you want to be Happy, pause for a whileYou can be always Blissful, with a smileDon't try to become Happy, then, Happy you can be If you realize you are the Soul, not Mind and Ego, ME True Happiness is being in that state of ConsciousnessTrue Bliss lies in a state of ThoughtlessnessWhen we kill the Monkey Mind, we can have true Happiness But how to kill the Mind, we don't know this The Mind is like a monkey, notice EY is its tailIt is Ever Yelling and Ever Yearning and it makes us fail When we still the Mind, and its desires that create a thirst Then we conquer Sorrow, that otherwise makes us burst! There are many ways to be Happy and be glad Count your blessings and you will never be sad Discover True Love, the fountain of Bliss These are simple ways to Happiness Success is not Happiness, Happiness is Success Those who don't realize this, end their life in a mess They just zoom from the womb to the tombAnd all they have is misery and gloom Instead, look at the Yogi who is always in BlissHe is never in a state of unhappinessEver-united with the Divine, he knows it's all a show Nothing is ours, the Yogi knows that we come and go Do you want to be Happy? Then Happy you can be Then realize that the peaks of Happiness are threeIf you run after Success, Happy you will never be!But if you are enlightened, from misery you will be free  To be Happy, you must live in the 'Now’To be Happy, you must take a vowMoment by moment, enjoy this treasure called life Be enlightened, and you will be free from strife Are all Successful people Happy? The answer is ‘no!'But all Happy people are Successful, this truth we must know We must realize the truth that life is a showWe will live with Peace, Love and Bliss, and go! Not only will we be free from all suffering on earth Realization will free us from RebirthIt will free us from Fear, Worry, Anxiety and Stress And give us Joy, Love, Peace and Bliss So are you seeking Pleasure?Are you seeking Happiness, Peace and Bliss?Then Evolve from one Peak to another PeakAnd you will attain the Eternal Happiness you seek.

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