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My Year was a mess,

It started so well.

How could it have gone,

Leaving me with THIS story to tell?

What an evil plan, Year.

I thought I meant more,

I thought I was dear.


Crying, Scars, Blood, Tears,

Every bad thing I saw.

I did bad things, and made bad choices.

Every wound in my heart is still raw.

I witnessed a sad election;

I cried very hard.

Add a racist to the collection.


I made my parents cry.

I remember that clearly.

I crashed our car,

And I pay the price yearly.

I guess I'm one hell of an actor,

I faked to everyone around.

I suppose that just added to my sad factor.


The Year was a bust, and I guess it's my fault.

I believed it would be better,

What a rich thought.



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My country
Our world
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