2-D Love

You are perfection

Nary a flaw can be found


You are brave

Yet gentle

You are tough

Yet sensitive


A tragic past

Defines your nature

And the power of Love

Makes you stronger


Yet fate deems

That we must be kept apart

The Universe is cruel

For keeping me from my one true love


I know everything about you

Yet you know nothing about me

Our love is tragically separated

By my computer screen


But fear not my Love

Those fools dare say

That other characters are better

But they are absolutely wrong


They who say that

The fair fighting maiden

Or the tragically tormented villain

Are better, are fools


You are the pinnacle of Man

The perfect lover

No real man

Will ever compare


How hard would it be

For those men

To be just like you?

You are but a simple man


You are caringly courageous

You selflessly fight For the sake

Of you people Mind, Soul, Body

All so well written


And drawn by Your creator

Every line

Of your design

Is concise Yet elegant


The colors

The artist used

Are beautiful

And becoming of your character


But Time

And Space

And Reality itself

Keep us apart


My one true love

Oh how I wish I could break this barrier

And live with you

On the other side of the screen


My perfect fantasy world

With my perfect fantasy love



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