16 year old girl stuck in an ignorant world

A 16 year old girl stuck in an ignorant world

Life seems to be passing and flashing

Quicker for others like the one I used to call a brother

He was gone in the blink of an eye

I ask God why he didn't have more time

This goes for many beyond who I know

I froze hearing the stories of the one who loved me

Her life was taken there was anger no one could fake it

I met her once surely that was not enough


I am grateful I never have to fear the struggle

The pain of not having a mother

The acceptance that daddy wasn’t coming back


America needs to change

Taking innocent lives is not a game`

Scared to walk outside

Will this be my last day?


I'm just a 16 year old girl trying to live in an ignorant world

Sisters and brothers praying for one another

It just doesn't seem right how much we have to fight

How do you tell a mother her child has been shot

Where is the justice we so righteously claim

Where is her baby boy when she calls his name

Oh right he's gone for being in the wrong place at the wrong time

But he was at school

This should be the safest place for students to be

You would think so right until you look on t.v


We unite as one

But it's not for fun

It's to get our voices heard

Do we not deserve it?

Why him?

Why her?

Why me?

Why us?

Don't forget we are people

We are smart

We are kind

You just don't give us a chance to prove it


Tell me how you sleep at night

Knowing a child just died

Hands up don't shoot

They can't even fathom what we go through

Every second I pray

Hope to never see the day

One of my loved ones is killed in the schools of L.A

Boom is all I hear

Everyone stops and cringes with tears

Phones pulled out


Another one gone

We haven't forgotten

We haven't forgiven

It's hard being a 16 year old girl in an ignorant world


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This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



I really like how you express the feelings of the parents in this poem. 

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