1. Don’t shy away from love. I know you’re afraid of getting your heart broken. I know you don’t want anything serious but you also don’t want something that isn’t real. Stop overthinking it. Listen to your heart, stop being so careful. Let yourself fall.

  2. When he doesn’t catch you, tell him. Call him crying and screaming and yelling. Let all your anger out by telling him how captivating his eyes are, even if they are just a simple shade of brown. Bandage yourself by telling him how every time you close your eyes, you can feel his lips upon yours.

  3. Let him kiss you. Who cares what it means? You finally got what you’ve been dreaming of. Let him hold you. Who cares if his heart isn’t in it? A heart can’t keep you warm anyway. Let him make you smile. Who cares if he ends up making you cry? You’re still in highschool. Chances are, it wasn’t going to last anyway.

  4. Jump into it head first. You know he’s going to catch you. Let yourself fall. Don’t wait for him. There’s a better chance of landing in his arms if you tumble sooner, rather than later. Stop waiting. Just tell him how in love with him you are.

  5. When he tells you that he loves you, say it back. Every time. If you’re mad, say it back. If you’re crying, say it back, If you’re happy, say it back.But don’t forget to say it first sometimes. too. Constantly remind him that you love him.

  6. Do not let your heart stop beating. Do not let yourself get lost in him. There is no guarantee that he will always be there to help you find out who you are again. Make sure you remember what made him fall for you. Those are the things that you need to hold on to. Please don’t let him drown your soul out of your body, even if you enjoy how tightly his arms wrap around you at night.

  7. Don’t let the petty little fights hurt you. He is arguing for a reason, he is upset because he cares about you. He is not angry, he is only worried. You are both stressed out. Neither of you know how to appropriately express your feelings yet, let alone with all this love in the way. Whatever it is will blow over by Friday. Kiss and make up.

  8. You don’t always need to be right. He knows you better than you do. He cares about you more than you do. Trust his judgement. You don’t need to worry about losing your pride or your edge or your safety guard around your heart. Sometimes letting him be right is the right thing to do.

  9. When he almost drops you the first time, don’t freak out. Don’t run away yet. You don’t need to protect yourself. He is only realising how much of himself he has given to you. He is just as scared as you are. He noticed himself falling and only loosened his grip on you in an attempt to keep himself up. He didn’t mean it. It’s okay.

  10. Don’t beat yourself up over the big fights. Figure out where you went wrong, but don’t blame everything on yourself. Understand the situation. Also, don’t go easy on him. Don’t scream and yell, but don’t be nice. Get your point across.

  11. When it doesn’t fix anything to just kiss and make up, don’t give up on fixing it. It isn’t simple anymore. It’s scary, hard, and confusing. You’re going to have to let yourself cry. You’re eventually going to have to give in. Take some time off. Spend time with a friend. Cool off. Revisit the issue later. It will fix itself.

  12. When he stops telling you he loves you, don’t think he doesn’t love you. Remind him how you feel, but start to distance yourself. This might just be his thing, but this also might be a sign of a change in things. Slowly stop saying it yourself, see how he reacts. Prepare to catch yourself. You’re still young, there was no guarantee of this lasting. You’re both changing so much, it was inevitable.

  13. When drops you for real, pick yourself up. Don’t lay on the ground waiting for him to pick you up again. Chances are, as soon as he let go, he walked away. Stand up and walk the other way. Put yourself back together, even if you feel like you’ll never find all the missing pieces of your heart. Stop saying he took it with him, he didn’t. He dropped it with the rest of you. Use the steady beating of it to structure the steadiness you’re building for yourself.  

  14. When see him with someone new, do not let it tear you down. You have made it so far. You have built yourself up so strong. You’re finally smiling again, laughing again, embracing life again. You can finally hear those three special words without crumbling. Don’t let the sight of two hands intertwined from two different people ruin all the good in your life. He moved on, now it’s your turn.

  15. Remember that you will find someone new. You fell in love once, you are going to fall in love again. And again and again and again. You’re so young. You have so much life ahead of you. You will fall in love with seasons, foods, sounds, sights, ideas, destinations. You will fall in love with life. And no matter how broken you still feel from when he left you, you will fall in love again. He may have been the first you shared love with, but he will not be your last.

  16. Love yourself first. Fall madly in love with everything about your own body, mind, and soul. Don’t forget yourself. Don’t neglect yourself. Take care of yourself. Treat yourself like royalty. You are so amasing. Love yourself always. Please. It is so important.
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