13 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with You: Part Three

Number Three
I think you are the most considerate, 
compassionate guy 
ever to breathe life here in this world. 
I didn't need very much when we first got together; 
all I wanted was a warmth in my life, 
which I got - and so much more. 
Do you remember? 
It was a while back, but it sticks to me to this day. 
I was a freshman in college, second semester...
do you remember now?
...and I was pulling an all-nighter for the upcoming finals, 
and you sneaked into my dorm, 
and despite my protests, 
you were undeterred and 
you stayed the night, quizzing me, helping me, 
and although it was not romantic in any way, shape, or form, 
I thought it was the sweetest thing to do. 
I thought it was romantic. 
But you not only did that. 
You have never forgotten our anniversary or my birthday, 
even though I forgot - and still forget to this day. 
You cared, and it mattered a lot. 


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