13 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with You: Finale

Number Thirteen 
You probably are the first to agree, 
I am the most painfully shy 
and seclusive being on Earth, 
that it is difficult for me to open up to others, 
that I am not the best company to be with, 
and yet to this day, you stick with me, 
through thick or thin, 
and heavens knows why. 
Even when I am the most irritable being on Earth, 
and you have done nothing to deserve my wrath, 
you still love me crazily to death, 
and for that, I am grateful. 
Grateful you see the good in me, 
grateful you love me for me, 
grateful simply for your presence in my dreary life. 
And although I'm ending this on an unlucky note, 
for 13 is a number of misfortune, 
I was lucky to have you, first as a friend, 
and then someone I ended up caring deeply for - 

Darling, I love you. ❤️


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