If hustle and bustle
Is all that we know,
Then what do you do when
There's nowhere to go?

With lights aglow
And hearts below
How can we not
Want somewhere to go?

Where do you go
When nobody wants you?
Where do you turn when
All the bridges are burned?

Maps are destroyed
And bridges are burned
How could you know
Which way to turn?

Did I come from this way?
Or maybe that road...
How could I know,
'Less I ask the toad?

Christmas isn't
Quite Christmas
Without family

Ain't Christmas
On the other
Side of town.

Just one county over
Just one short road trip
I feel like it must
Be taken by ship.

No matter the choice
Of transportation
You've taken longer
Just to vacation.

Grandparents are good.
Grandparents are great.
Grandparents should help
For goodness sake!

Copyright From A Poet's Heart

This poem is about: 
My family


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