12 seconds to dawn

Listen --

We are siblings, you and I

Two halves to the same whole. 

You crumble and crackle and scream your frustration

All darkness and fury, blood in the water. 

Yes, I see you clearly:

You want to be more, but can't muster the will.

You want to be brave, but can't scrape up the strength. 

You are the architect of your own cage, knotting strings around your

Yielding limbs and calling it Fate

The cruel will of the universe turning its eldritch eye upon you

The malice of misfortune puppeteering you, 

Dragging you along as its unwitting marionette. 

But I see you clearly, friend, as no one else has or will:

You are the puppeteer - 

And the marionnette

The master of thyself and none 

For apathy is a convenient place to sink your head 

To close your eyes and plug your ears

And say you did your best, though you've done nothing -

Are nothing -

And destined for the same. 

But I am here, friend,

And I believe that together, 

You and I can be more. 

For I am you and you are me 

And though the night is long and black,

Eventually, the dawn must rise to take its place. 

So in your great darkness

I will be the morning

The brilliant rays of metamorphosis

Come to sear away the shadows 

And burn. 








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