11:56 P.M. In Shangralah

Do you remember when wewent and laid on top of your car, justso we could get drunk onthe stars? Remember how we drove forhours, took four wrong turnsand saw the same small piece of Earth thatwe have called home forEighteen years,then, finally saw its elegance for the first time?The same place that we nevertruly loved until itlaughed with us as equals that night. Remember how we made upour own constellations because we didn't knowthat it was wrong?That seeing a tap dancing octopus out of tiny lightswas against the rules.Or maybe we did know, butwe loved ourselves enoughto break them.To burn them and laugh. Remember when you told methat the sky was actually apainted canvas and I laughed.I laughed because we hadthe radio on,and each other’s sweaters onand star dust on our lips,and anything was possible. I remember when you told me whatyou wanted and Iremember how gravitystopped working because,in that moment,you were just as divine as it was. I remember how I loved youbefore I could tie my shoes,                                                                              or see the stars.Before I knew that love                                                                                                  tasted like peppermint and orange roses. I know now that you are mybrother.My brother with the driftwood smile, andthe scar just above his temple thatmatches mine.My brother with different blood.A different hum to your bones.A different texture to your stare.My brother nonetheless. It's those nights when we lieawake together, getting drunkon the stars that makes me wantto take the long way home.

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