11 Years Later

11 years later, still dead inside.

11 years later, finally alive.

11 years later, afraid of what's new.

11 years later, ready for myself, part two?


11 years ago, my soul was dead.

11 years ago, I lived in my head.

11 years ago, a child died too soon.

11 years ago, the child inside prayed to the moon.


11 years from now, where will I be?

11 years from now, will my soul be free?

11 years from now, I hope to have hope.

11 years from now, I hope to cope without dope.


11 years later, still depressed.

But 11 years later, finally cleaning up my mess.

11 years later, learning how to love.

But 11 years later, still wondering if I'm good enough.


Jarred Shah



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