10 Year Old Me

Imagine a ten-year old you sitting in front of you.

Tell that kid that they are:




Tell them that they're fat,

That aren't good enough,

That they should kill themself,

They they are ugly.

Tell them nobody likes them.


But you can't do it,

Can you?

Because you wan't to tell that child they are perfect,

That they are beautiful,

That you love them.

You wan't them to hear words you didn't hear.


That child in front of you is you.

If you can't tell a younger you what you think of yourself,

How can you do it to yourself now?



Look in the mirror and imagine a ten- year old you...

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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very direct and straightforward. are you trying to preach to us? i like the tone of this poem.

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