10 Things I Learned About You

10; Your favorite number is also bad luck, falls on a given Friday.

Step on a crack, break your mommas back. Fuck

9; your favorite color is nasty, disgusting, awful and outlasting

8; your favorite hobby is as acidic your love,

let's hope you don't say "Hello" to the man up above

7; your smooth voice, oh so sweet and lovely, tells lies like Pinocchio.

It's a surprise your nose hasn't grown inches and feet above thee

6; the way your arms wrapped around me like a snake around a tree.

How did it feel to wrap yourself around another species that wasn't me?

5; you're very hard headed and self centered, got a hive of five

and a devil that your soul has entered

4; you don't know what the words "loyalty" and "faithful" mean.

It's like freedom and pussy is all that you see it seems.

3; apparently, you don't like the word 'no' either. Remember when

I screamed no to you repeatedly with fear in my voice but you're

nothing but a breeder. The word never seemed to be in your vocabulary,

and never figured it would be a burden you and I would carry.

2; the way you bounced around like a shadow in the dark,

made me realize to never trust a sheep that barks.

Your two faced persona was something I never wanted to accept, but in it, I stepped.

1; most importantly, I learned that you will never change

. No it will never seem strange. It seemed like you did and

exchange with the little boy across the street.

You're a grand piece of meat that does nothing but cheat,

who acts innocent and sweet but you're the Devil's treat.


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