1 in 100

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 19:39 -- Jae.R


You see a world that

Cannot change

A place where everything

Stays the same

Judgments fill the air

With a pollution called hate

And Equality;

 Is not permitted

To those who are found

Unique and Beautiful

In everyway

How could I imagine a world without hate?

I see a world




Of being shaped


Into the most

Wonderful place

Tolerance would fill the air

Acceptance and Equality

Would be promoted

In the most

Vigorous ways

The Logo

No Place For Hate

Would fill the mouths

Of citizens

Every day


Paint the walls

Of every building

On every street

To spread a message


To keep people on their feet

To lift their heads up

To allow them

To stand up;

Become an ally

And challenge aggressors

That make; their hate known

So prominently

In our society

This is not

A hope

A wish

A dream

But a Goal

That we are becoming

Closer and closer

To fulfilling

With each baby step

We’re practically hitting the ceiling


See in My World

 We Start

Every November

With the promise


100 teenagers

To spread awareness


Make a Change in their lives and others

A life commitment

Something special

I would call it

It makes me proud

 To say

I am 1 in 100


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