✨ Evolution of Mindset ✨

Sat, 04/03/2021 - 14:31 -- Wazima

from being utterly unconscious about what she is doing,
to being highly responsive to her mind
a soul completely astrayed, out of dumbness

moments occured, and flew,
once, came a time, that made her mind blew
perceptions perceptions, a game that seems,
eventually, changed her to extreme

who knew that,
a soul with a child-like mind,
would grow to wonder or assume,
the realities of this reality,
the impermanent happiness of this one- day gold,
the sparkles that seem enchanting,
would fade away with one blink of an eye.

what impelled the girl to be this way?
a girl with a ponytail flying like a butterfly,
did this world stop hooking her heart?
seems like the world failed,
failed to pull the girl, in its trap

and that girl with dumb shimmers in her eyes,
seems to be vanquishing the world,
yes that fake world,
covered up with the water of gold,
devastated with thoughts,
a havoc within it.

a journey of a girl,
the only journey that matters,
taking her to the actual world,
so dissimilar to this world,
to the world,
that is going to stay forever,
the journey of a girl whatsoever.

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hii everyone

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