“Under the EL”

Life is hard under the EL, if you listen close there is a story to tell,

Some people think he’s tired, he’s just taking a nap, he just shot 5 bags, the train just left bridge and Pratt, last night she was raped, bruises on her face, she’s scared but won’t call the cops, she’s just ready to cop, next stop is Margaret and orthodox, he’s sick as a dog, he’s shaking and sweating, his whole body hurts, next stop Is church, to me and you, He’s just an average person, but deep down inside he’s slowly reverting, 2 years clean, he just got out of jail, he’s ready to relapse and next stop is Erie and Torresdale, she crossed the line and now she’s selling her ass, she’s chasing that high and she’s needs a blast, she has tight little body, she did a lot of yoga, she’ll lose that fast,, down at tioga, he just lost his mom and his whole world is raining, he was awesome artist who enjoyed his  paintings, his worlds slowly shrinking, about to lose his lady, He’ll forget about it all down at Allegheny, he’s wanted by the law, has no where to sleep, he’s from Montgomery county, he’s not use to these streets, he just wants to get high and get a little rest, he’ll have hard time down at somerset, she’s been up for days, maybe a week, flash backs of getting rape runs really deep, it’s a 100 degrees and she feels the heat, her life’s fucked up but she won’t ask for no mulligan, it won’t get any better down at Huntington, he’s been hiding it well, this nasty addiction, but deep down inside something is missing, his family has no idea they will be picking out his coffin, they’ll

Find him dead at York and dauphin, she had a great job, then she got hurt, the pain was major the dr prescribed her perks, now she’s shooting dope and she needs her works, won’t be hard to find the next stop is berks, she just had a child and she’s suffering from post pardon depression, she’s been pampered her whole life, really hasn’t learned any lessons, she’s trying change but the change is hard, she won’t find hope at front and girard, slipping hard, she is flirting with death, almost impossible to understand her stress, she’s clearly oding and everyone is disregarding, hope someone recognizes before they get to springarden, the trains leaves the light with a thunderous sound, you see the graffiti on walls now your under the ground, He just bought couple bags, how many he don’t reckon, but he’s nodding out and the next stop is second, she’s been on the train for a minute, she’s clinching her fist, little do they know she’ll be dead before 5th, she got her kids in the coach, hungry, they are lacking the calories, next stop is a shit show, they call it the gallery

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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