‘Unrecognized Blacks of India’

I can’t sing

I can’t dance

I can't express

                        What are the schools for?

I don’t have value

I don’t matter to anyone

I am an object

Every day I die

                                                What are the human rights?

My dad wants me for progeny

My mum wants me for chores

Husband wants me for sex

Society wants me as a maid

                                              What is the relationship?

I am  a victim of compulsory marriage

I am a child producing machine

I am also a victim of domestic violence

I am a victim of mob lynching

What are untouchables?

I get appreciation  when I clean the road

I get applause when I clean public toilets

I get honor when I go deep into manholes

I am admired  when I clean drainage pipes

                                                What are job security and employee rights?


We can’t unite & fight

We can’t even connect

We are divided into classes and caste

We never been the noticed even if we fight

                                                What are media for?

We are the blacks in India

We are the scavengers

We are the out-caste  labors

Still we run India till lockdown 5.o


Being Black In America

you  have  a  place In this World

We salute your unity and fights

We need your help  as

We are unrecognized blacks of  India


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All the people in the world say there is no racism.  Hovever is called the land of Buddha Gandhi and Ambedkar in India  We 're not noticed by the media and are slaughtered almost every day All  Americans-African people and people around the world must support us


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