The waves were my



The waves were my sanity

The smell of the salt so crisp in the air surrounding me, 

The crashing of the once so peaceful waves,

The entire different world remaining under the surface


The reflection of myself upon the water embarks my soul on a journey,

A journey of introspection and new found love

The things that once were merely a thought in space have seen my eyes,

They have seen the very depths of me that I have yet to see


Strength they say,

Strength is coursing through the veins of you

As the world runs smoothly,

Yet so chaotically under the surface


Diversified perspective is not easy for many,

But for you it glides smoothly as each molecule of salt you taste in this water,

It allows you to travel and understand the complexity of my entity 


Faith is blind,

To see yourself so negatively,

Yet so blindly trust yourself with no question,

For that is a gift

For that, 

That will allow you to do things you wouldn't think possible


Communication is key.

To observe and be observed.

You never stop surprising yourself.

For I have given you a taste,

Of only the smallest beauty you carry with yourself in every moment. 

You will see,

You are beauty.



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