My Promise

“Because I love you,” is so simple,

A phrase that can mend or cripple.

The sun rises to mark a beginning,

But once it sets again, isn’t it chilling?


“Because I love you,” is just absurd,

It’s just a couple of words.

Some letters and stupid syllables,

Borderlining on the lyrical.


“Because I love you,” is beautiful!

Unquestionably unconventional!

An explanation for this chapter,

And an answer for a disaster!


“Because I love you,” is no response!

Someone believing this is a moron!

There’s a better answer to be found,

Please understand this as we go round.


“Because I love you,” is a promise love.

Despite the possible push and shoves,

Beyond both of our numerous flaws,

We’ll always be together because?


Because I love you.



Hope you like it. My Promise, to my best friend, the best girl in the world.