My first Unexprected

Tap tap tap

my fingers go on the ever-blinding screen

that's when i get an unexpected message


despite rarely talking to him, he seemed like a nice boy

there was something about him

something that was quite charming

maybe it was his words? 

then again, that's all there was to it- it's not like i minded

he asked me

i was unsure, for he would be my first

"give me a day and i'll let you know"

"go ahead and think it through"

1 day passed

"have you thought about it?"


"what's your answer?"


one day turned into a month, then another month, then 10 months

my feelings haven't changed

i'm still charmed by him

all though, i have grown far more attached 

a more tender and sweet feeling has enveloped me over the year since i met him

although, tons of people would disagree

we haven't exactly met, yet we have

his deep voice is my imaginary blanket

his skin is something that i long for

his touch is something that i crave for

i can't wait to see his smile

i can't wait to feel his wamrth

he's mine, yet why do i desire him like so?

maybe i'm scared 

scared that he'll find another

there is that selected few who support me

keep them close for theyare your true friends

i want to continue spending these days with him 

no matter where we are

no matter the circumstames

for i will always love him 

for i will always love My first Unexpted






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