Who I Am

We search our whole lives for who we are and what defines us.


We search for a way to accurately depict ourselves


because by knowing who we are we know how we work.


I am more than my mixed race, my female gender, my commendable grades, or anything else


that we deem appropriate to define a person’s worth.


Although these are who I am, they are not all that I am.


I am a culmination of all my past experiences and emotions.


I ascertained that I am emotional when I discovered that I cry very easily.


I discovered that I am innovative when I invented my own pastry dish.


I found that I am talented when I stared at my fingers in awe after playing an elaborate piece.


I learned that I am staid in my beliefs when they were tested.


I am my mother’s hard-headedness and eyes


and my father’s care and heart.


I am blunt, yet I can speak with eloquence.


I am talented, yet I am still a student.


At times, I talk too much, I am too hard on myself, and I doubt my abilities.

I am imperfect, but I am proud of who I am and how I define myself.