My Fault

I stress myself out

I break my own heart

I try to fix things

Circling round to the start

I fill up with hope

I fill up with dreams

I tear myself down

The tears from me stream

I wonder out loud

I stoop to the floor

I wish on a star

What is life really for

I do my own best

I jump over cliffs

I make others smile

And live in their bliss

I surrender the pain

I remember my joy

It passed long ago

With my heart it did toy

I speak for myself

I speak for some others

I want to go home

But why would  I bother

I don't have a path

Nor a road to go down

There is just a whirlwind

Dizzying around

It spins in my mind

Turns thoughts upsidedown

That is when smiling

Comes from a frown

This is all simply put

There's no need for complex

Wording or niceties

To vent in a text

I try to do rightly

I try to live free

But somehow my life

Just keeps shooting at me

I dodge all the shots

I give all I've got

I twist my own plot

Though worrying, is it for naught?