I Am

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 07:19 -- j.daluz

I was happy, carefree and loved to laugha big grin plastered on my face as i skipped along the pathnothing could stop me from feeling like i was a queen until a few years later when i became a teen

I was a lost puppy, with no one to guide me

Stuck in a pit of our childish society

everyone was a bully, picking on my clothes and hairit felt like i was being stabbed by needles everywherei was choked by their insults, drowning in their wordsand i couldnt ignore the things that i heardi tried listen to myself but i could always hear the restthe ones that brain washed me to feel like i wasnt the besti was afraid that id never feel like i was good enough scared to show affection, terrified of showing loveit felt like i was in the cold, with no blanket or sweater and i prayed that God would take me out this terrible weather then i was forced to fight a battle against one of my tormentorsand now that i look back, i know it made me betterit helped me be strong and stand up for myselfit helped me love me and not need anyones elses helpnow i am a bigger dog, never quivering at the sight of othersnever letting my feet get stepped on by those of anotherim stronger, im powerful, and im standing steady so that if i ever have to defend anything again, im always ready i am comfortably cuddled into the soles of my feetand ive learned to help others who may be in needgiving food for the homeless, a shoulder to cry on for the weakshowing understand and compassion for those who were once like mei am helpful, always giving advice and making new friendsone who shows endless affection and whose heart never bends whenever given the chance, i give a helping hand and i encourage people to see the positive side againi am confident in my skin and sturdy with my voiceand i no longer hear the shouting and the noiseits all blocked out, like shades block the sunthey tried to take me down, but in the end i won