Pursuing My True Self


Kansas City, Kansas
United States

Eccentric is what I'm refered to. Its probably the best term to describe myself.

I became in this manner because of mostly being sheltered and distant towards everyone else.

My views and interests were mostly by my own choice, never have I been influnced by anyone else.

At first I was shunned by this, I hid it away in a facade of a false personality. 

Eventually I no longer cared for opinions of others and embraced what I am.

I sought for my own individualty, away from the others to be me. 

However now more than anything, I wish for people to connect with. 

I wonder if anyone out there is like me? Can I be content with who I am for much longer? 

Is it beyond the scope of light? Beyond the reach of dark?...what could possibly await us?

And yet, we seek it insatiably.

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