Violence and Bullying

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All around you are snakes- Serpents peeking through green blades, Awaiting to strike their cynical fangs and make your heart ache   Comfortably coiled in evil
The Water Turns Deep Red
Our love is like fire It burns at our flesh & heats our core It’s dangerous and exciting  Making us crave more   But we are toxic 
On top of a mountain, We will meet-  Like chalk stains and the rinsing of knuckles.  Tonight a salamander has slayed a dragon.  
Stand up for those in need, for all those who are in pain, Stand up for all to see, it's time to make a change,   Stand up for those who are suffering, for those whose broken hearts grieve,
Heads messed up ptsd, agriphobia, phycosis People look right through me and don't even notice Thought process muddled can't even focus Use don't even know this
I miss when I was little, When I didn’t care about how I looked, The only thing that mattered was being able to play kickball,
I pray and I say how could this day be so cold So cold and so bold You have to hold every soul Either hot or cold is a meaningful soul
Have you ever thought? The girl you called fat today in the hallway She is starving herself  Even though her ribs show and she can see the bones in her arms  She starves herself  
‌Others‌ ‌say:‌ ‌ ‌ “Worthless”‌ ‌ ‌ “Bitch”‌ ‌ “Ugly”‌ ‌ ‌ “Dumb”‌ ‌ “Slut”‌ ‌ “Go‌ ‌kill‌ ‌yourself”‌ ‌
Nothing but the truth Has become as rare As hens tooth A brother don't care Even if he shoot Another to wound This is the sad truth Of the society we live If black life matters
The rest of the world is cruel said she, From whichever mountain you shall stand upon you are always to be torn down under hate and greed of other beings who foolishly hope to rise from the defeat of others
My heart belongs to you I vow to live with  a happy life among us, When i stare deep into your eyes I see a person of emotion.   We belong together forever no matter what they say,
My heart belongs to you I vow to live with  a happy life among us, When i stare deep into your eyes I see a person of emotion.   We belong together forever no matter what they say,
Black child you are on your own, we are being Caught in the middle of charlotte’s web between Two great nations, using our so-called leaders as Bishops, pawning us and promising us the great
what was it-a provocationagainst the Grand Nation? what was it-a protest,messedwith the restwho are distressedwith the obsessed?
Closing my eyes I see the hands pulling me up turning into the ones pushing me down Voices taunting me used to be the ones rejoicing me Though it’s not the words but the mouth they tumble out of crushes my soul
Been called a fag 
you follow me around,  you call me a freak you pull on my backpack and make me feel weak   you're mean and you're hurtful, words harder than stones i'm terrified of you
In the calming breeze of midday, I used to wonder, Why do the birds sing their song? As a small girl of seven, their distant melodies made my mind wander.
It was meant to be my tombstone It became my stepping stone It was meant to be a mountain Like a volcano, that's my eruption
Old friend , here we are again sitting in the same dampered room we were born in. The same feelings that come rushing over us when we are alone have come crashing in on us again.
“Let me in, inside your mind, my goals are simple...I am the worst they come, a cold-blooded monster, wanting your soul. There is no end, I will not stop till blood is on my hands.” In darkness, he follows
There was a friend, a friend that helped everybody, but herself A friend that liked to draw She drew pictures but nobody saw She was very artistic It wasn't ordinary drawing though
I'm Broken You think I'm weak Go ahead put yourself in my shoes You wouldn't last a hour in them You think I had a good life Try Again Oh, she's lightskin, police don't worry about her Try Again
Beauty resides everywhere on our Mother Earth Beauty comes in all different shapes and forms Beauty is pain, beauty is success, beauty is even in the struggle
Once upon a time I cradled you in fear of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Now I cradle you because of Gun Violence. ~Melissa V~
This is a letter to my unborn, sorry that you couldn't see the world in human form. Can't plant you seeds but I still adore. Cause it ain't easy when you nigga poor.  
What we must realize is that our mind and mouth are connected. Many times what we say comes from what we think.  And our words are shaped by our thoughts. Our heart and hand are also connected with each other. 
I had a dream that one day little black girls were able to proudly wear their crowns. Crowns constructed of textured, kinky curls thick as wool and shiny as molasses.   
They call you names, It's all in they're game. And though they give you shame, Bullies are not strong.   They push you out, You try to shout. And though they don't show dout,
It was rushing back No one present The familiar, remembered places Places in ruins   Gone All of it gone, the man said
Staying at home protects the public, but it cannot protect those with black eyes.  Who will protect them from a deadly virus that cannot be wiped away with lysol. 
POEM BY: ALICK MUSHEKWA® I write this piece with tears in my eyes😭😭😭😭😭 *MY CONDOLENCES TO MOTHER SOLWEZI* I write this poem to serve as a cloth which will wipe your tears.
Ever since you were born you were labelled a mistake and misfortune followed you with every path that you take. You were different since the beginning, why can't you be the same?
dad: youre ugly!!!                                       sister: youre stupid..                                   mom: youre fat!                                
I don't know if i stared too long I didn't know if i could form the words quick enough for them to understand me But, i wasn't blind to the fact that they were fake She smiled at me from her group of friends
I found the ones I really admire The ones that honestly inspire me to be the best me I could be and free myself from dangerous Iniquities.   Negativity shunned me from doing great
I see you when I am alone in my room  All these shadows are engulfing me  I walk in school feeling as if I am a costume I wish I could show the shadows you are 3-d  
In this world you can't love who you want because it's a "sin" but they can call you whore In this world you can't be who you want because it's "weird" but they can act however they want to
She cried herself to bed, Hoping, the tears would soften their hearts, It didn't stop the words to be said, Aimed towards her like a dart.   In the corner was where she sat,
                                        Crash went the books falling onto the unforgiving floor Bang went the echo of laughter piercing my ears like bullets
Once I touched My brothers face He slapped me then I touched anger  
The world is so magnificent, filled with billions of people all suffering to various degrees A women cries out for the loss of a husband, a man is put away for abusing his daughter
How dare you ignore the war In front of you? How many? How many more will be sacrificed?
If the walls could talk the secrets would flow The hatred will grow That's why we hope nobody knows But the walls talk  They know what I did this summer And while the darkess spreads  Cup runneth over
She looks into the mirror  Wondering why everything’s got so much clearer  Her mother comes walking in puts her hand on her daughters shoulder  Asking her if she now understands what the fighting was for   
What did I do… What do I do What on earth did I get myself into? What will happen to all the days that weren’t too bad?  But it’s okay, I’ve won all the fights that I’ve ever had...  Which was one *RING*
It's About THAT TIME ... To Use STRAIGHT Rhymes To EXORCISE ... What Rests Inside My ... ANGERED Mind ... !!!!! A Mind That Tries To OPEN Eyes ... of Those With Sight Whose Vision's ... "Blind" ... !!!
when life starts crushing down on you, the wieght of so much that your swimming deeply in, pick yourself up and out of the blue do what you got to do, when you smile and grin but no one knows where you been  
hanging in the dark, with a shattered and broken heart, underwater avoiding a huge shark, I knew I had depression right from the start.   Looking back  at old times, run and run and cry,
You may not see the damage,but it's therebeneath smiles and politenessdeep inside the laughter andwithin every crevice of joylives doubt
Got your hand stuck in the vending machine because you wont let go When I come at you with a hacksaw you say OH GOD NO It's for your own good Would you like to scream about your hand or the fire? I can clearly see your answer is no And I'm
Lonely childStaring at the moonWishing his parentsWould be home soon
Did you know she was hurt Did you know everyone treated her like dirt Did you know she was crying all the way home Did you know everyone left her all alone
I can’t anymore I can’t pretend That it doesn’t hurt I can’t pretend what you did was right  I can’t pretend that I’m okay
One Day I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie tooth, Though it takes away my strength and balance, It caused great pain and anguish since it was early in my youth,
One Day I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie tooth, Though it takes away my strength and balance, It caused great pain and anguish since it was early in my youth,
Hey you bully, Is it fun bullying me? I wanna enjoy it too. Why do you keep bullying me? Is it because I'm way more better than you?
In the United States, 105 people die every minute, out of those 105, 32 committed suicide. It starts small the names you call them bitch, slut, hoe..
I’m not really over what happened, No. I’m moreso, well, How do I put it?  Exhausted
What On Earth Is THIS ... ??? SHOOTINGS Now In ... " Harvey Nic's " ... !?! Students POLICING Campuses ... ??? DOCTORS Who Are Now HEALTH RISKS ... !!!!!!!!!!!
I wake up in my bed everyday, Wonderin' if anything is going to be okay. Wondering to myself, should I go, Or should i stay? Cause i've been bullied before Its like walking through a broken door.
I Guess I Am THAT GUY ... Who'll Get The EVIL EYE ... For Being WHO I AM ... And NOT Giving A DAMN ... !!!!! A DAMN About What You Think ... When I Use My Mouth ...
Have you heard of the smishimilash? I've heard they like to smoosh and smash! They like to splish! They like to splash! They don't care what actions total in cash. Each dollar to them is a penny in trash!
Everywhere I see A world so full of Darkness  Intent to be light
For a month, I was fed Lies on a silver platter. Can't help but scream inside my head When they ask me, "What's the matter?" Every "I love you" that she said Never meant, wish I was dead
This ... Disrespect Thing ... IS ... OUT OF CONTROL ... !!! From Work To Street Corners ... To ... Most Peoples' Homes ... !!! My Poetry Roams ............................. Just Like Mobile Phones ...
We believe if we were to confess what we believe Everything we ever knew and loved... we would be free Arm in arm, carefree as can be Reminiscing about our life before and what we would do
What is with ...... All This ATTITUDE ... ?!? It Seems The In Thing ... To Simply Be RUDE ... !?! People In The World ... Are Now So Crude .... !!!!!!!
A deep soul lost to mankind Slowly consumed by time Stabbed by cruel thoughts confined Cause they themselves have lost their mind A deep soul lost to society Assassinated by actions of the past
   Breaking the lull as you dwell in the city of Srinagar,Sedate Waters of the Dal lake bouncing to the moon Cooped up populace peeping through the crevices,Predators patrolling the streets hunting the lamb.  
Respect is dying everyday ! The old dismay cos' the young display a lack of respect in their crazy ways ! So ... Pay close attention this isn't wordplay !
I am here! Or am I not? I remember the first time I attempted The girls up front went on To me they made it seem like a joke
i jumped on my bike as fast as i could but not fast enough, it did me no good the bully kid was big and mean and acted very tough laughing all the while he quickly knocked me on my duff .
As we round the bend, Approaching an entire generation's end, People flock to the strets, To preach, About Black Lives Matter, And the president should be impeached. But when you look around,
Don't speak Don't look at him in the eye Because if you do your his next victum He likes chaos He loves war And no matter what you do he will continue to hurt you when he gets the chance
Contemporary age and the superstitious world Everyone seems a myth with consciences hurled "Selene, Endymion" lie in every imagination Claustrophobic streets are the example of infatuation
Everyone is fighting But no one really winning There is no end in sight Because all they do is fight People want it to end
The slurred words They drip from your mouth Mostly sugar coated lies Almost believable  But not quiet Nobody can believe them
You Were Always There Constantly   All The Drunken Nights So High   All The Hugs So Warm   Yours Words So Warm And Kind   Your Laugh Contagious  
IT’S ON US   Road towards love. Roads towards hate. Which road do WE CHOOSE OR
A newborn rose glistened in the moonlight Breath in fondness as it dies on the spotlight Feathers of birds fall to frame hopes Captivating breezes stay afloat
The killer, the executioner, the hunter, the slayer Ostime, the one who was kicked around by many For no reason that the child could comprehend Ostime, the one who tried to be kind to everyone
Let me tell you some tales not often heard, Because the people affected don’t say a word, Those that do are ridiculed and tormented,
The colors of our world commence the drain,Instead of smiles I perceive pain...Ricocheting off my ears rings pain...I feel pain.Violence is a bullet,Puncturing us to the fullest,
bare your fangs with pride,  but by god do not bear them  at me I have loved animals before  and do not greet  growls with love. your mother didn't raise you to be this way 
Life  a continous pain  untill we die were we can rest in peace in this life hate will forever roam or in my life it dose i numbed so i cant feel a thing for i need a blade to feel normal 
Eris was always a troubled child.  Mama always told her she was built from  Chaos          Strife  And all things wild.  Born alone in the dark of the night, To her dad already well and gone...
Why is it okay for some people to bully others Is it because they're mad because they no life
No cares, no worries, to be found Not the same logic, with tears on the ground Fourth grade is when it all started Seventh grade is when it departed Facing new bullies was extremely hard
When I was born A little girl My headspace was clear And I had very little to fear.  I’d jump off things and wear fake rings And pretend I was a hero. When I was that young I never knew
To wake up is pain. Divorce is not the only strain. Depression, anxiety, it hits me like a train. Bankruptcy, torture, is this all fun and games? All I see and hear is her name.
Childhood Innocence, the quiet simple joy of believe the world to be pure. Of looking at the sky and seeing animals in the clouds. Of making friends wherever you go. Until children who don't see the world in color anymore find those who do.
Grief can be similar to air.  Always there, yet it seems to be taken away from us at points.  Sometimes we need to stop and catch our breath,  and that’s okay.  Sometimes all of it will hit at once, 
People justify the bloodshed by saying red will make the flowers grow. But the flowers only grow over the graves of those whose metallic blood
Power  It isn't held within those who can afford it  Power  Is being the one to stand up when no one else does Power 
Power  It isn't held within those who can afford it  Power  Is being the one to stand up when no one else does Power 
She changed me. I told myself I wouldn't let her, oops. Never again, will we have those moments. Our movies, shopping dates.. or toxic arguments. Will I miss you? No.
Betrayal Something we all must go through Something we all must understand It will burn for some time For no reason, you might cry
They fought like lions, Slinking around the living room sofa, Preparing to pounce on one-another And using words to tear into each other Like sharp teeth sinking into sour flesh.
 Men birth a baby tooone that develops inside the male womb Sometimes they learn from their ill mothersthat neglected or beat them with a spoon
why am i  so judged by the color of my skin and if whether im fat or whether im thin  now a days no one really looks with in everyone questions when there life begins i walk down the street feeling scared
why am i  so judged by the color of my skin and if whether im fat or whether im thin  now a days no one really looks with in everyone questions when there life begins i walk down the street feeling scared
You made my real seem fictional So why did you choose to leave me? You made me believe in the typical So why did you choose to leave me?  
Your walking down the halls of a familiar place as you see someone crying quietly in a corner. I want you for a second to put yourself in their shoes, experience the life their living and the pain that they’re feeling.
I wanna feel something, And I know something is there I remember faint glimpses But i cant seem to recall It wasnt an emotion It was but a combination and convulsion of it I wanna feel something,
Starting University My future filled with uncertainty High hopes for my engineering courses
Hurting so bad that I smother Seeing I’m stuck in the gutter Weeping without one another Stranded with nothing to plunder  
They told me not to speak about it. Pretty girls should't have ugly problems. Pretty girls should be grateful. Pretty girls should be poised. So, they molded me into that.
It was like a flowing river, So endless with a flow so steady. The years blossomed, And although life revolved around the good, I always mistaked the wrongs as something so normal.
The reason why we fear is we believe everything is real. Fear thrives off of secrecy and hiding, thats real.And emotions such as shame and guilt are used to confide in, thats real.
The child can’t comprehend The world and what it holds Good or bad All unknown to the child who dreams in the sea foam The young child chooses see only the foam
I have these feelings as I sit in this chair I seem to keep thinking it's so unfair Afraid of all the things that are possible That being everything because nothing is impossible Loneliness when there's no one around
Aching old scars A happy remorse song we sing A jovial anger melody we all dance Unhappy density and decorated apathy The smarting sore of the past, Sits with the pain until it passes,
I thought that he loved me with all of his heart. He told me along with others until death did us part. Now i am sitting here with the gun in my hand looking over the lifeless body of this loving man.
before you judge  before you point and laugh  before you mock someone think about this what do you really know about them  that boy with the bruises on his legs he gets abused at home
The world seemed less grand The wonder sudenly gone My world was flipped around 
The world seemed less grand The wonder sudenly gone My world was flipped around 
I Stand. The fires burn me and I stand. The people scorn me, and I stand. Darkness hunts me, and I stand.  
Bullies and bruises Grades going down the drain One day it will be okay
Bullies and bruises Grades going down the drain One day it will be okay
Flying away, trying to Evade my enemies i Realized that i don’t have to run to bE happy  
The cogs of a clock for a mind, Always churning. A razor blade for a tongue, And the eyes of a predator, daring you to challenge.
You call yourself a family but live so unhappily mom smiles in people’s face but  when she’s home puts people in their place Dad stays quiet , don’t know what to say depressed with the life he live
  The sky was still gray when he left for school The streets were still wet, his heart filled with dread Every step was hard, an internal dual
my ability to speak had been taken away from me loneliness is in my surroundings nobody to console me all I have is  my, myself, and I. suddenly, a ray of sun shines down on me,
Blank. I've always loathed blank paper. Each piece gets a fresh start. But I can't. My body was like a blank canvas, the artist was depression, the brush was  the blade, the paint was the blood.
I'm the one they call fear You can find me in the corners of your heart I'm the one that seeks your tear You will never get me out of your thought I'm the hands that pull you back
 Hunter A loyal dog to the family And a trusted friend to my Dad One night at home My parents hear me cry out for them
If darkness is all you see, how do you find the light? Between fallen friends and uprised foes, happy ever after, is no where in your sight. Wrongfully chosen words, more insomnia than sleep. 
to the one who broke me   i hope you’re doing well, even though you called me a shitty friend and listed all the things you hate about me
My mom never hesitated to talk about fear Told me it was only natural, my dear Yeah, it’s a part of us but don’t let it consume you Gotta find the willpower to pull yourself through
Why did you leave meif you knew that you were going to be a dad i understand that you were just a teenager but still  you should of stepped to be my dad   why did you leave me didnt come back till i was  8 
I feel like every day is a living hell, that nothing will get better. That those names callings get worse, This shows they have no respect...   What did I do to deserve this? Why is my life miserable?
This year I took myself by surprise But years ago my brother died before I said goodbye I still feel emotions and unbreakable tides Still, hear the cries and the unthinkable lies my lines are therapy for me
I'm back on the page again Yet again Writing about life and how it's been In the wheather in Storms of all levels Facing demons fighting devils But I'm on my level
Ahh.. what draws people like us to the horror? Edgar knew. He knew so much he drank himself to death and ended up in a ditch.
Enter my mind, enter my world   Get on with it     Or get over it Never reveal the truth    Never enlighten the prey Tell a tall tale Never reveal the truth    My mind, my world I adore
If there was only one thing I could do, I'd always choose to move in close to you. If ever I could undo a single thing, I'd take no time in deciding.
Sometimes people can think life is comfortable but, it's not many people that have to face things that many people wished never happen to them.
Three mean girls, one victim The commons of Sapulpa High School Punches took to the face,verbal abuse Constant jabs to the stomach The crowd starts to grow
my niggas are drenched from head to toe in red. colors matter. my moms face is overwhelmed in blue. colors still matter. traumatized criminalized minds on green. colors will matter.
Fear, a factor that resides in humans which motivates us to live; the pushing force for survival but can also lead us closer to our death
I slept hard as a bear That eats so much food in a dark cave, What no one notices all the time, My ears can hear, but I have weary tears; Beyond the walls, there is so much fear,
I am here standing in the darkness. It is pitch black and cannot see a thing.  I stretch my hands feeling for something, anything. I hear a blood-curdling scream that sounds like a high pitched whistle. 
In a desolate bed I lie awake Remembering the good things Time did take Like memories and love and trust that broke Its crazy what things sorrow can provoke
Black lives matter yeah,I watch the brain scatter As the trigger is pulled , tic tic bullet hits Blood splatters   As I get pulled over
Drowning. Tears falling. You’re falling. I’m falling. We are all falling. Frowning. Lips falling.  You’re falling. I’m falling.
The closer you got The more I realized, That overall, you’ve seen everything, But what’s inside. The closer you got The more the chills have grown As my heart slowly turns into stone
I would like to look at the sky, but the starsopen my blood and disturbthe verses on the mouths of the dead:
Weak and fragile Shards of glass from the fights The ones that caused broken mirrors Broken mirrors that showed a broken figure From all those tears weeped
just a little wind. just the slightest breeze kindles a dying spark into a healthy flame. and the fires swept across the land. stripped the meat off the land and
Jealous Bossy Manipulative And full of lies You act all innocent, but I can see through your disguise. You acted like you wanted me, but left me in the dust,
You are the chaos Never the lifeless figure Just as you come around You've become the worst Even though you may be charming  As chills transpire down your spine The sad and honest truth is not pretty You were deprived from those walls that hold st
Despite race, Love is love Love sees no color Love does not profile Love is love   Despite gender, Love is love Love sees personality Love does not see pink or blue stereotypes
This is for all you out there, Who don’t know if anyone gives a care. You may think maybe they’re right, maybe I should end my life tonight?
You just saw the girl walking in the hallway with tears. You don't know who is in her home, You don't know if she feels alone. You just saw the girl walking in the hallway wiping her tears.
When people ask are you okay, I respond with I'm fine, I'm just T.I.R.E.D, I'm just so T.I.R.E.D. I am just Trying to understand why I feel so alone in a group of friends. I am just
What is life’s true theme? A place where we all dream? Twas maybe a vision, a future, a goal But life is a cruel thing that stole
i use to think i was a thug i took my problems and sweep them under the rug i met the right girl and all it took was a hug   we have been together almost twelve months just me and you pleas tel me why i get butterflys when i see you 
What is love, is love sweet or bitter love ? What is the meaning, if it may be defined Should it, love, be put below or above Us, which hold on and all who often hug tight 
  Am I a doll who just is used for play I do what they want just so I can stay
I don't know what's worse   Not knowing what's coming for you Or knowing exactly what's going to hit you   Not knowing where they could be lurking Or knowing right where they stand watching you
She fights the desire To put out the fire She fights the lust That she looks at like gold dust   She fights the greed
We are like crayons We are full of different colors Whether we are a woman or a man We live in the greatest time to be alive We have all the freedom in the world Except for the laws we have to abide by
The people we think we know Most of them, well, become foes Some of them we love dearly and want to keep Others we just want to get rid of or delete
"NOTHING MUCH FOR MINORS" Minors are those less than eighteen, As they don't have knowledge in keen. They don't have a driving licence, As don't have driving sense.
yeah its been lonely world with a lonely ride lost alost all my friends and family to prison or drugs  my life been hell still fighting keeping  grip so many times
As a young adult looking back on the past, the amount of mistakes made is unfathomable. I feel as if the most important is something we all struggle with everyday. 
       "Leave me alone!" She shouts her voice is a sickening mix of anger and fear. 
Down, down, down, down, We see ourselves fall time and time again All cry in unison for help, for it is all we can muster
Words and words and words abound, nothing about them makes me proud, Words of anger to a loving parent, words of hate to a struggling student, words and words and words abound,
Oh failure  Everyone hates you  Or they are scared of you  But no one gives you the gratitude you deserve  You look big and nasty And have a funny way of showing me  How to learn 
her eyes compress and wrinkle pure in time for once was ease, now, shelters dread upon disturbing thoughts perturb a chill down spine the first and closing vital thought at dawn
I am beautiful  and strong I wonder why sometimes I smile even through the pain I hear the voices telling me to smile and keep my head held high
I am slowly falling apart; No one can put the pieces back together. Everyone can see right through me: I wonder if they notice me.  
Something needs to be done Not just said. Forty four thousand, nine hundred and five. That is how many people In this single year That we have lost To suicide To pain
How does a child grow up from being bullied? How does a girl that was longing to be part of something bigger? How does she learn how to speak?
As I sit in this tub full of water My cuts begin to bleed What does my heart need? One time I heard someone say Do you want to die? I thought in my head You can't kill someone whos already dead inside
Let me tell A bit about my life when I was only five I saw it all guns knives weed crack it was already Wack people were breaking in stealing all our money I could hear the rich people laughing I guess they thought it was funny because I was walk
Rage overcomes your soul Hate fills your eyes and all you want them to do is die Stop breathing Stop walking
  J’shawny’s journal 2nd day before event
Im a Girl who is a teen plan life but i like to dance and sing at night i mostly stay in my head and stick ti imaging life days and i read lots of love storys and fictins and i write online and i get to post them im working on my own story in my h
Realizing that you've been betrayed  Expressing your anger through constant plotting  Vengence upon those who've wrong you  Eagerly taking out your hatchet to strike 
Sticks and stones may break my bones But words can leave me with no where to go With no where to go i become alone 6 friends, 2 friends, no friends so... I dive deeper in the dark depression
Blue magic more blond then bleached, a little tarnesed slightly bent out of shape with sheep, unbarable stench meldoing cum stained sheets, wasnt me as he is so to speak, unprovoked dismanteld damenesing regaining adbominal not standing on my own
The Broken Girl In front Of You Poem By: L.R.Joslin  
Life is tough and then you die.             Life is tough so get a helmet. Life is rough so buckle up.             Life might stink... But suck- it up.!!
That blade. Those pills. That rope. The gun.
    I was walking with my friend Having non-stop fun When a man asked us to mend A store bought gun As gullible as we were,
Choose your fights wisely Choose your fights kindly Kindle a fire to see Burn it out with peace   Shallow seas Hollow trees Death inside Darkness hides  
A meek mouth releases gentle plumes of cool, peaceful air from the same source a warm, a curling whisper takes delicate flight. Fragile lungs exhale weightless, graceful sounds, released by lips pink, chapped, aware, of 
Seeing the beauty of life is only attainable by freeing yourself of negative energy:   Golden gates of bridges divine cross your thoughts and opinions, Full of dominions telling you to dominate your own fears,
To think we were safe from the world got parents who gave it there all   Tears fall from my face to the sight of your faith Don't you understand it kills me more 
For I did not know it would be this hard, walking around with a broken hard. Hiding the pain behind a wide smile, but only being able to fake it for a while. No one knows and no one will, about the hurt that has been delt.
Wading out into the water  Going into the deep What I'm looking for I'm not sure It's hard to speak  There in the middle just sitting there an island all alone dry and bare a safe haven for me 
Baba making wrong decisions, I have those visions Baba have no mission for us With a deep sense of revulsion Some Citizens are Servitude Killing Our Human Rights......
If I were to open my eyes would you see me? If I were to scream at the top of my lungs would you hear me? If I were to shed my skin would you feel me?
They scream. Tunes of fright Drip from open mouths. Like fat raindrops Green falls from the sky
Nothing poetic was ever written, But I alwsys thought of it as a vision I look for my brain's talent everyday in depth Looking for a hand for help Enviornment simple minded and basic
To attempt to meet the expectations of others was nearly the death of me.   I thought too much and ended up doubting my own beauty.   They drained me of all that I had like ravenous parasites,  
So blue, so red but why was I born a hothead? Can I learn or do I already know how to love my life? Why is MY  life such a living.......?
I am me I've always been me But i was never me Because i should never be me Because i dont want to be me But i could be me I could be the poetry me Poetry can represent me
Pulsating between despondent and elated, somber yet gentle. Relentlessly fighting for a better life, a happier life.   Pushing me back into a deep desolation.  
  Be careful from everything, Especially around people. You can think to date the love of your life, Just to have them hit you repeatedly. You can be brought into this world!
We hear the cars honking in the city roads, 
These verses are for you and me For our eyes to see Light where there was darkness Love where there was fear   They left scars Deeper than any gun wound Left bitterness in my mouth
These verses are for you and me For our eyes to see Light where there was darkness And love where there was fear   They left scars Deeper than any gun wound A bitter taste in my soul
a cold day a quick step pounding of foot to floor  arms on my back a floor to my face  a foot to my gut  agonizing cries from my mouth words in my head  peace and chaos in my heart 
Watching from afar As this world goes to hell Who can we turn to? Who can we trust Why can so many people get access to things they shouldn't have
To speak or, not to speak, that is the question; Whether my loud words stay fixated in their heads, Creating opportunities for conversation threads
Four years ago we cried, Cried for the young man murdered by his brother, Three years ago we cried, Cried for the kid who had ended his own life, One year ago we cried,
Good poems tend to be personal.Great poems are often passionate.Can a good poem be to close ora great poem to emotional?  If I told you that my friend was assaultedby her first boyfriend, is that too much?How about if I said my biggest fear isfail
Here we are Once again Just you, me, And Twitter And look here Someone retweeted by pic Let me us send a quick thx, Oh wait This person used it negatively They posted this
Freedom from shadows In mirrors and windows, From reflective lures And twisted cores, To soft lore And light covered floors, This is what is brought, And wrought from mine,
The midnight sky begins to bleed, once innocent and mild, on the edge of darkness demons creep, bloodguilt with lust and vile,
I used to love life  so much I was on cloud nine And I imagined that was just How everyone else felt, too.   Who allowed me to be on cloud 9?
(alternately titled random axe of violence)   I calculated an average of ~10.16.... deaths per year of mass school shootings since Columbine, a morbid benchmark where,  
I wish the existence of pain was non-existential and the person in pain could get better just with words. Maybe it's merely impossible but it's a goal that can be halfway accomplished.
Chicago. It's the name of my city. But it's also known as Chi-raq Countless of deaths like the war in Iraq Bodies slumped over, to many to keep track Only thing that's stacked are blacks
No Money, No clothes No shoes, No rules Black teenage girls are considered whores Black teenage boys are getting taken out in pairs of four Stores over on the south, east,
You know, I have dreams where we're friends again. Dreams where you laugh at my jokes again. Dreams where we're the best of friends again, But you won't listen.  
1. Your eyes look like the ocean, Full of wonder and mystery, And inviting me in, I had to take a swim.   2. Your veins ran like rivers down your forearms,
We blame the gun for the shoots that fired. In court the person said ''well i  am just sick and tired''. Guns are  not the problem the people behind the gun is the problem 
It was just a normal day Everyone was almost done Everyone was ready for the summer fun Until one normal afternoon It went dark Kids were scared And hoped things would not get any worse
School They talk about it as a perfect safe learning environment.   When in reality it's not. You can't even be yourself without getting judged.
I loaded the gun before walking into school And nah it wasn't to make me look cool I saw the group of jocks that always bully me So I  held the gun sideways then blasted them like a real G
First day of school Oh I was so happy But after some months I felt kinda funny I saw a kid sitting alone But I didn't wanna look like a clone So I sat with my friends Laughing and smiling
Why is there school shootings? All these kids in fear of getting shot  Why do people want to shoot schools? Are they angry from all those fools? With school bulling they are in fear 
Bullying  Everyone has bullied someone at least on time in their life. It is hard for victims to sleep at night. Bullying has spread around the world. The most victims are not boys they are girls. 
We should all be accepting and not bully other People. Would you like being bulled? How would you fell? Good or Bad?  What would you do if you were the person that got bullied?
I see people picking on this kid. They are calling  him names I walked in the locker room and he was on the floor. I see two people in the locker room with him He is crying on the floor They hear me and run.
People had seen me when I was still alive. I was mad, and nervous about being bullied everyday when I come to school. When those bullies hit me. I always see blood 
In schools they have violence did you know? This is how your life is going to go. People like to get high and people that don't they make cry.   This is what I hate people making mistakes.
 He walks to the class pounds as loud as can be,                                                                                                                                                                                  " Open up its me!"   
There is a school shooting in our school and there is blood everywhere Its like a river of blood. There are students dying beside me and it is so sad . There is a river of blood 
Roses are red Violets are blue I know its hard But you'll make it through With your friends on your side Ready to hold you just in case you cry And the roses are still red
   Every day students are afraid of being called short. Afraid of being called not fit, Afraid of having trouble with P.E.., This is school violence & bullying, it has to stop!  
They tell us when things go wrong, pray If you want change protest Then they kill more of us and we cry more How much blood is enough? The world never changes What's wrong with our society? All we can do is argue
One  day I was in P.E.  Working out in the gym Walking slowly towards us, We saw him We were all scared  We recognized that kid who never cared We all started to run
At the middle school while the bus drivers were picking up kids And kids were getting dropped off for school A couple of kids bullied this boy with glasses The boy get send down to the office 
I hear a kid screaming in the back of the bus  The other kid telling him to shut up and grow up   When they got off the bus to fight  The other feels like there is a shining light   
Everyone is mean to each other. One don't hang out with another. People think bad things at school. Don't let them think the same way about you. People make you think you are cool.
 I woke up with a big simile, then went to school.        When I got to my social studies class, I was really happy  because we were having a party.  But then all of a sudden we heard something really loud.
Donald Trump please save us Donald Trump help make laws Save us, please once and for all Because that's all we need  So help us please   So much violence  Make them quit 
It was my first day at the new school. Thinking I was safer at school than at home. You never think you would hear gun shots at a school. I run out of the classroom and hear people screaming and crying.
I don't want pain and suffering I don't want our lives to be cut short I don't want this pain of me memories
Why does bullying even happen?, All of this just feels like a dream and now we're saddened.   A drop comes out of my eye its something called a tear, This was all because i was full of fear.  
This kid was walking outside When some random kids came up beside They grabbed him and threw him to the floor They kicked and punched him some more Everyone around him started to laugh 
Mommy and Daddy i am in the sky with this guy called Jesus He is very nice  I am in this white room and all of my teachers are here too. Mommy and Daddy please do not cry
One day on my way to school I had a feeling this day wasn't gonna be cool   On my way to P.E. which was my next class Just wanted this day to pass   Suddenly I heard a bang And I said "oh dang"
I was sitting in my math class, Waiting for the day to pass, When suddenly I hear a gun shot, Hopping the person would get caught, We all huddled into the corner, Hoping this would soon be over,
School is place were you don't want to be. School was a place where you were safe. School is a place where you get bullied. School was a place where you could drop off your kids  And see them on the yellow bus.
No one has the right to call you names People may think pushing someone around is funny When they laugh at you for being yourself Imagine going home every day crying Saying that you don't belong here
I may be lonely, but I'm not alone I may not be liked, but I'm loved I may not be remembered, but I am not forgotten I may be sad, but I have joy I may not have any friends, but I got Friends
I graduated! Time to start teaching- This will be exciting and students I'll be reaching   It was 1998 and I was young and energetic I walked into this new school hopeful,
There's a man Across my street He's there everyday Staring straight at me   Men walk by him He smiles
Society thinks, You must wear makeup to be pretty. but not too much, don't be a slut. Society thinks, You must sleep with guys to belong. But no more than three,  don't be a whore.
  Somebody thought He should write a poemAbout this
You can hear my voiceYour silence is a crimeYou can feel my painIt's written in the rhyme The words reveal a messageHidden in the linesIt speaks a rite of passageIt shows the end of times
To Him,   Shared three years of happiness, love and respect. Most cherished three years of my life. I thought.  
  My momma left me she hurt me real bad she told shane that he was my dad, 14 years ago  i could of been left in the cold winter snow but instead i lived and i met my real dad 
  Dear Women who have seen their darkest days,   The lights buzzed, as machines hissed, while this little one graciously empties from your womb.
Dear Dan, I’ve always wanted my mother to be happy, I’ve always wanted her to find someone else But not you. All that you’ve brought is despair and destruction
Dear Nathan, I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye or even say hello I wish I could’ve stopped you And showed you that you weren’t alone Or if I couldn’t do that
Dear me, I know life has been hard with its ups and downs We have struggled through it day by day Everyone always has something to say with their putdowns
Is the worst bullying physical, emotional, mental or psychological? Physical you’re abused and harmed on the surface, covered in bruises and wounds.
To the World,   I've been thinking too much, about the times we've had together. The love, the hate, the inbetween just hoping it won't last forever. The thought makes me Terrified.
To the cause of this madness,
Dear Amy, Unforeseen beauty is the key to all evil Her helpless cries and bloody efforts remain still        Awaking to find that you have no knowledge of your tomorrow Brings me great pain of tears and sorrow
When a child dies,  who is left so wise as those surviving youth? Within souls of stone we all but condone a deeper death of them all. 
Love. It's funny thing. If you love someone set them free. If you love someone never let them go.
My life would spark with excitement whenever you’d reply As someone numb from life, I liked it when you made me cry I always felt alone until you talked to me each night
Dear World, You looked at her and began to judge, as if being some cut above It's far too easy to judge a being without a deeper seeing The lady that you'relooking at is amongst her own combat
Dear Problem Child, I saw what happened,I saw the fear in your eyesWhen it stopped being angerWhen it became hate
I saw your scars today, It took my breath away. A choke caught in my throat. Something so precious Contained inflicted wounds.  
You will have to be brave That is the first thing I will tell you There is no one to be brave for you, and being you requires a lot of bravery Because you will be afraid
If we are delicate, Why do others delight in our frailty If we are innocent, Why do others relish in our misjudgement If we are kind,
Life may be hard But i know you'll push through. We all matter and mostly you   If you are feel all alone know that you are never alone just pick up your phone
Life may be hard But i know you'll push through. We all matter and mostly you   If you are feel all alone know that you are never alone just pick up your phone
Faithful Accepting Messy Iratatting Loyal Yokelish Approachable Noble Dangerous Frank Rare Immature Embarassing Nice Daring
Dear modern society Why can't you accept me? Myself is who you say to be, but you're the author of my story. You've put my life to the test,  but I'm not like the rest. You made me feel depressed,  however, God has made me blessed. He helped me em
These bloated airheads pumping their skulls with fucking bullshit Your life is a lie   While they worshipped Kardashians in high school I was in honors society before it was cool
Dear Ignorance,   He's really such a sight  Nobody can tell by his appearance  he's really not alright    He's laughing  He's smiling    He really does seem happy 
A mother hatred for a child is like a gunshot to the heart. A father absence is like a never ending nightmare. A grandmother dying wish is like having your soul be taking away from you from God himself.
Hello old friend come in, come in; the hearth has gone cold In your absence I've forgotten how to be bold Still you trap me in a warm embrace Erasing all doubt without a trace
A shade of darkness hovers over me. The angel of death provoking me. As I walk through, a breeze of iced chill air descends my spine. Emptiness. I see, and no sign of lights.
Little Fish swims swims in the water, alone in the tank
I smirk as I sit on a throne of fallen bodies. Below me everything is fighting to save themselves. My throne rises higher as the body count grows. These ignorant humans can only see despair
Being black..... 
Everyone said they hated slavery but my brothers and sisters we still beat on each other not with whips and chains but bullets to the brain knifes to the vain.
Boom, boom The thumping of my heart comforting, Thump, thump The pulse reminder of hurting.   Crack! The heart slowly hating... Whoosh!  The soul quickly fading.  
  Red  One signal for danger  Or balanced as love But it throughout the scene  From our heart beats  To some flares You'll notice it scattered  Darkness  In the night 
This girl I knew once, She said it started with a close friend someone she thought she could trust.   She was young and naïve so young, everything had become black and dark
This girl I knew once, She said it started with a close friend someone she thought she could trust.   She was young and naïve so young, everything had become black and dark
Future generations,  Hear me loud and clear when I say this: Please don't be selfish,  Don't dismiss  The pain of others, nor their anguish. Don't dismiss The needs of the homeless
I wish not to be forgotten Or my seemingly numb heart Because of the things I’ve said But did not meant And my dry voice
I come to you today from my blanketed cage The cage that drives whomever were locked away to utter Insanity I see light through the seams along the blanket that bleaches My mind white
You You were scary You were all powerful When I thought you’d get weaker, you got stronger I thought I’d finally escaped
My roommates hosted a house party My friends were there Strangers were there There was alcohol Then there was you I didn’t know you You called me your girlfriend after one conversation  
Growing up is not a thrill There are feelings you must hide There are truths you must face There is disappointment you must deal with  You learn the world is not as rosy as you thought
Because I love you  I can too much about your health than mine  Beacause I love you  I'm aware of how much I've hurt myself just to get your attention  Because I love you 
If I hadn’t listened If I hadn’t had faith If I hadn’t changed I would believe you  
Because I love you... Love me selflessly   Give me respect and care Let's be partners in kindness   in this world we share Gentle words and actions   Soft and warm touch
Out of all the lies you told me, “I love you” was my favorite.  
Love, a word that is now used too frequently by those who are desperate for mediocrity. I chose you because I was desperate. I didn't even know you.  
Did it hurt you? "No." Why did I? "Because I love you."
Because I love you I will always communicate to you.  Because I love you I will always trust you.  Because I love you I need to know all of your problems even mental.  Because I love you I will always give you your space. 
Because I love you, Because I love you I saw more for you than I did for myself I let go of my success and marked the path for your access.
I hate you. I hate how you changed but even more, I hate how much you changed me. I thought we'd be the ride or die type. I thought we'd be the Monica and Rachael of our generation.
Into the darkness Into the depth Under the willow tree A little girl wept, she wept a storm With gale-force winds like breeze   Sobs and streams of tears abound, drenched the forest floor
There was a knife, who stabbed all things, Be it the heart, mind, or soul, It mattered not, For it was a knife, it knows no right or wrong.   There was a man, who stole from the masses,
It was in a million walls, I still laid my bricks and mounted out my tears for waters. I had a call for the storming war, made out my call to stand out simple for others.
The Ocean in her limits expanded the pride of her magnetite, in the midst of a thousand skies, a harmless soil. Her courage has swept away a million atrocities on the havoc of ships, boats of kinds and nature defaulters.
As I turn my face to meet the world, the world meets me and I, with glorious bewilderment, turn away. I cannot meet my demise, my master, with equal eyes. Mine eyes are only
You remember that girl with pearls? The one the you confused and abused? Gave her fears but wiped her tears?  Told her lies and left, while she drowned in cries.
Words sit on my tongue Words that I can’t verbalize I want to say them, but I can’t How do I articulate my feelings? Blowing pain
Nerd That’s what people see when they meet me They notice my glasses, my tucked-in shirt, and my messy hair No sense of fashion they whisper Nerd, they snigger mercilessly  
I love you is hard to say when you don't believe the words as you speak them.   My heart feels nothing as I hear your fake sobs 
                              The lies are consistent The abuse, verbally, and physically not to mention The love I have for you is far more deep then you will ever know but because I love me I have to let you go
there comes a point when she'll wake up with red, puffy eyes instead of her smile crinkling them as she reads good morning. they won't look at you the same way-- the butterflies in your stomach 
Someday I will go back and fix everything . I wont let any memory to defeat me. I will only let the memories make me stronger. someday the world will no longer live in hate. someday I will stand up to the world and live how I like.
All summer 17  like we living in hell.Bodies after bodies either dead or in jail.Hashtag after hashtag LONG LIVE OR RIP. but it seems we only living for a repeat.Same situation different person,
She was made of the strongest materials, The world has ever seen, Leaving most to  conclude, She was stone all the way through,
Dady why are we here hiding in the closet, mom is downstairs screaming; we should be with her. Dady Im scared. Dady I think mom needs us. Dady why; why dady. Why Dady!!! "Becuse I Love You!!"
When they come you may never know for when they speak it will surly show creative minds and beautiful flow, dont underestimate what they bestow   Everyday they pass by one in love while the other cries
What has become of the world a vortex of death and destruction. Is it too much to ask for people to respect others to respect their decisions to respect their religion to respect their views
Our lives end the day we become silent about things that matter We say all lives matter, but why do we kill each other? We march for freedom, but gain nothing We want justice, but kill in retaliation
I am nothing. I am someone  That people have forgotten. That is my life. And now, I watch it go, Fade away.
Because I love you I will take that bullet for you. I will bleed, fight and shed tears for you. I will conquor the world and and give you my all. To make sure we shall never fall. 
People being killed on a daily bases The bond once formed by the human race is decinigrated one tragic death after another Our young black men are being taken everyday Some because they have a hood on their head 
The evilest criminals, that go in the book of kills, don’t just kill their victims. They torture them in the most different ways from knives to words. All in All painful. In life we are tortured by fate.
Love is not living lies, or screaming in faces. Love is telling the truth, and talking through phases. Love is not hitting, or holding back eachother Love is holding and cuddling, or if needed letting go.
Help me understand. I must know. I cannot comprehend why you beat him down knife in hand. You tell them you regret him,
This is a poem about friendship and loyalty Those who are true never leave But the snakes pretend  to make you believe  Until the day it comes  it's you that they don't need
I love for the need to be loved I love for the comfort you give me I love for the way it feels I love to be happy not only because of the way you make me feel  but for the way you treat me  respect me 
A souless being With a growing, Misunderstood heart Trying to beat the dark Trying to reach the light Avoiding the toxicity dragging him down Just beating away the comments yet soaking them in.
My eyes, they water My mouth, they're dry My head, it's spinning My heart, it's breaking My body, it's frail My ears, they're deaf My voice, it's mute My feet, they stumble
She one was a pond, So calm and so still. One day it started to rain,  She was on a verge of a spill.   She once was a lake, A splash here or there.  And when things got rough,
You say I'm a bitch. A stuck up, self-absorbed, chin-up-so-high-it's-a-wonder-it-doesn't-interfere-with-airplane-travel bitch. 
Because I love you, I'm going to leave blemishes of crimson and purple that cant be explained away.Because I love you, I know your every move; you can't leave unless I say.Because I love you, I'm going to make everything you've done seem small.Bec
I don't know what you went through,  but it was wrong.  I never felt the sting of those names, they were just common words to me.   I never thought that they meant that. I never thought that your skin,
Love is compromise love is trust love is growing  but most of all love is rust
Love myself I do. Not everything, but I love the good as well as the bad. I love my crazy lifestyle, and I love my hard discipline.  I don't want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself
  This is America where we are supposed to be free, This is America where we choose who we want to be. But if being who you are leaves you with scars and broken arms, Is it really that worth it to be free?  
Remember our past and the things we used to do when we were so young and unsure? Do you remember what I used to sacrifice for you because I knew you were capable of more?  
Maybe she’ll stop crying Maybe he’ll stop yelling Maybe she’ll tell him she loves him Maybe he’ll tell her he’s sorry Maybe they won’t tear each other down   Maybe he’ll set a good example
Behind closed doors was another story Behind closed doors was not the picture that was painted Sunday mornings Behind closed doors was three women walking on eggshells 
"I love you" do you really i tought you did but then you hit me and now i dont know what to think i go back because i actully love you no matter how hard i try not to
Riducle, shunned, imitadtion - fear of these things is not what love is; love is the ability to be honest and open with those you care about Repression and being demanded of - subjected to these things is not what love is;
My first real fall was when I scraped my knee.My first real scar was from a needle piercing my skin, in the wrong spot.My first real cry was when pointless things hurt me.
I wrote this Poem for thosein the dark feelingcold and aloneThis Is Dark and Cold: Underneath my sheets I cry myself to sleep I think how can a human like me feel any less than a human like you
Just lipstick is more than just lipstick- it's the color of liberation. It's a piercing red that is boldly placed on lips once silenced by a piercing heart pain. A heart burn throbbing in a sea of acid.  Acid trickling down slowly on a naked face.
When we say i love you what do we actually mean love
Lets take a trip back in the day Once upon a time far away There was a girl who was helpless every day She lost her mother there is not much to say Her father remarried to a woman so rude
Most of the time, when watching a Disney movie, people know the story the movie is based on. But when the movie Frozen came out, no one really knew what classic book that movie was based on.
Skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood,if only they could know you've been dragged through mud. Skin representing your depression,never happy enough to make a first impression.Lips representing the thoughts inside your head,thinking of things
There once was a tortoise And a hare, Who knew their story Quite well.   The tortoise would win And the hare would feel sad,
Your three pigs, all small roundabout figures Narcisstic parasites that do all but quiver.  Your three pigs, are found to be dead. It is not my fault, I did not make their bed. I told you once, twice, now thrice.
“It’s a girl.” The doctor said Holding the squirming babe up to show her to her father. Immediately, he tries, and fails, to hide the blue balloons.   “She’s a girl.” Her cousins state,
Oh no! Today was the day You murdered a whist Who stole the skunk With your own two fists   You have blood on the bed And brains on your shoes You must drive yourself
A girl sits with the book,"Peter Pan," in hand A bandage on her arm held by a rubber band, Holding the cuts that won't stop to bleed Tears won't stop as they continue to creep   She just wants out of here
I am the rotting composition 
("Evil Queen" Perspective) An evil mirror faces us all, As our confidence starts to fall. Doubt and insecurities cloud your head, As the scars on your arm bled, Nasty rumors flood the school, 
Once upon a time she laughed at the way his hair lie looking into his everlasting chromatic eyes but little did she know her joyous love would last only a short time for stress and poverty bombarded his heart
I finished my essay It's a lot to say Maybe the message was heard It'll soar like a bird A story undeterred More like thoughts slurred I may be a clown But you can't make me frown
  I leave with no thoughts of tomorrow clothes thrown in that ugly oversized
Hidden in the shadows There’s nothing to see now For the soul of you is shallow And you don’t see how The wicked words you say
Hidden in the shadows There’s nothing to see now For the soul of you is shallow And you don’t see how The wicked words you say
  I'm blinded when life begins  Seeing lights eyes that never exsisted in mine Darkness covered me trapping me from becoming free  I cry in the dark tiring myself out
"peace be with you" Those were Jesus last words for you Think about this Jesus died on the cross Ndio me and you to make through
Their words felt like the noose around my neck Their actions felt like the gun against my head Their hatred felt like the blade against my skin
Rushing. Rushing. Rushing. Find a seat. Oh no, not by them. They don’t like you, remember why? Oh god, I almost fell down the stairs. Nice, Anika. There’s a seat! Sit down, do not fall. Remain lowkey.  
He came into the school. Running his fingers across the trigger. Thoughts zooming through the beautiful yet disturbed mind. Head held high but self-esteem dropped below zero, smile so damaged.
On the ground bleeding out Screaming Agony Pain I see you in the distance Help I shout to get your attention Help You walk over Screaming Agony Pain
Who’s that kid? I'm that kid who comes down in the middle of the night asking for tea or to use the bathroom. I'm that kid who has a lot going on but is ready to help others.
494,169 self-inflictions 44,193 fatalities   4 men who cry at night because racial slurs have bruised their souls, 9 teenagers near the end of the rope because depression wrecked their goals,
As I take a step with gravel under foot it turns scorched as my foot falls   The fire of my envy and lust for what is wrong, yet feels right, burn through everything I touch  
From the steps to school Down the halls of shame Punches and insults thrown like a fool But I was to blame   Love is something I never experienced Beatings and torture, however, was a different story
All the dark colors, Bind me to the ground, Trapped with the memories I hate and fear the most. Burn me to ashes, And when the wind blows, My death is everywhere. All the dark colors,
It seemed like just another day That December morn in Newtown Holiday plans were being made No one's face showed any frown But the face of evil with some easy guns Came to Sandy Hook that day
I am shattered. I am hurt . I look in the mirror and sees the bruises across my face. I start cutting cause I love the pain . I hide the scars cause I dont wanna be seen. I am a bunch of thing because
“Hello” the beginning of a friendship. “Hello” the beginning of a rising. “Hello” the beginning of a new experience.  “Hello” the beginning of a new journey. “Hello the beginning of a new learning.
All jeweled and glittered upon no shoe, Shall her toe so aching slip right through; Though she can't afford any new, She did not worry if she had many or few. The stench at the ball would not let her through,
At the ripe age of ten, I was told that my mom and dad Would have to get a special coffin For me when I die, Because I was too short,
O'say can you see? That America might be free. What so proudly we hail, at the celeberties we see on TV. It gave proof through the night that our country is corrupted. And all the guns red glare,
America the beautiful, the broken   The late night party, he takes advantage When she wakes up, she feels the damage There are no repercussions for his evil deed
My life is like a video game trying hard to beat the stage. I battle with the evil ways travel far but they say sorry but you princess is not here. Im just trying to keep from dying.
It’s funny how much I’ve changed.  I’m 14 years old, sitting in my room, now surrounded by white. White sheets pinned to the walls, white carpet, white dresser. They were blue once, but that has been drained away.
We watch the news today just to see  Hate crimes, tragedies, natural disasters Few cute story's are mentioned Few happy endings are told It is filled with blood and unhappiness Our country is great
The Power of Words and Pain. kids grow up to be a person to be a someone,  knowing that pain is death why live, words and pain isn't just something its a spirit.. how do you expected to have this in a world or lost
Everyday you see that same girl sitting alone at lunch But do you do anything? Everyday you see a kid getting bullying because of his race Do you do anything? You hear fake gossip about a girl who did nothing wrong
I'm lost, confused Where is my life  going...  But at least I'm free   My head is hanging  I'm all alone My friends have all left who do I turn  too  But at least I'm free
....AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!!! The crowd's roar, but maybe I've got a little voice telling me there's more. If bravery means winning and fighting and gore,  Then I am a coward, just that and no more.  
 corpse and clown in the shadow of timea saddned deathness to see.terror growls, now numbed the dark.oh me hey you,thats fear glitch.
America the Funeral – It’s the land of the free because the slaves never last. They aren’t made to last. Made is the correct word, not inherent.
Pretty bird like me,  Just set me free, I learned through all my tears and your foolish deeds,  I hope and I pray that you're well,  Your silly words don't harm me, but they sail 
Slamming doors Screaming voices Don’t make a sound. Slamming doors Screaming voices There’s not a soul to save you now.
I'll tell you a story as old as time, of a sweet little girl who couldn't wait to die.   She just began living her life on her own, when late that night, she didn't pick up the phone.  
Your malice has reached me with every single word squished my nerves like boots to a turd no worries I forgive & just to spite your hate I'll continue to live though I'm broken inside I'll no longer hide if only the darkness in your heart woul
Blow absorbing hate They're clueless 'bout the vision Yes-I am one in seven billion Which is a fact you can negate But s'why I don't concede
He proceeded to wallop at the stumped rocks in front of his Aunt’s home. He had avoided any given chore provided by the three women, and yet feeling guilty for his lack of turn.
We each live in our own little world Without  a soul, to open a new door.   We try and try to fly so high When we never even see the sky.   If we look around, we will see.
America, land of the brave we send people to save. America, land filled with poverty and that really bothers me!   America, land that I love but we don't show alot of.
The burning flail of debris hints to the undertake of the bed, it screams at my village and is said to burst. The same fear we share has led to this endless curse
I cried today.. I cried yesterday... And I almost cried the day before yesterday.... The First Official Tear Drop
If we can all see in the eye of future What will it show Will it show prosper In a blur Standing there like a actor "No! No!" I tell you It'll be bitter Why don't you become a beggar
I am   I am my own person I have my own mind I am myself I wonder, wonder how people cannot do or think for themselves. I hear, hear the taunting and judgment of the different.
This is not my body This is not my body This skull does not belong to me This skull that you bashed in with a beer bottle is no longer mine This neck that you wrapped your fingers around is not under my possession
This is not my body This is not my body This skull does not belong to me This skull that you bashed in with a beer bottle is no longer mine This neck that you wrapped your fingers around is not under my possession
Where has my world gone? The one who once was innocent, the one who once was naive. Has gone down the rabbit hole. He questioned everything which brought trouble.
All my life has been torture bending backwards from the swing of words hanging off the edge of mountain’s wishing someone would stop and pull me
You rant and rave about the bullying done to  Your child at school We've seen the pics on FB Heard the stories Even rooted for your victories before judges Yet your head is buried in the fertilizer
Sticks and stones May break my bones But words will never hurt me A lie that people expect others to follow
Stay Gold You never know what the future holds, with our stories yet untold, our beautiful mind can't be sold, our words will be forever spoken forget the background noise, focus you are not broken. Show them you are strong,
I'm tired of being sad. I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of being sick. I'm tired of being here. I'm tired of being tired.  But, that's life they say... So here I am. I'm tired of being angry.
As the day repeats, So does my mistakes. Then 2016 hit me, I fell to my knees. I couldn't believe in such tragedies. So much families gone. We grief but it doesn't get no better.
The boy who was made of bones The boy who never stopped sweltering The boy who had no clothes The boy who only scavenged The boy who only knew sorrow The boy who lost a family...  
She is beautiful at the age of that no-one knows, she always changes based on the people she hangs around with. She's young and still learning although she never tries to hurt people
I remember the tears streaming down your cheeks and a new look in your eye I never thought I would see.  I didn’t mean to hurt you and I still don’t know what I did,
Rise above the negativity in this cold world / how can a young boy last on his own in this cold world/ raised by the streets so he taught to never fold/ live for the streets and you lose ya soul or freedom / damn that's the life given to the hood
She sat in class nervously, struggling with anxiety she was the girl everybody knew spoke too quietly Messy hair, big rips on her jacket She didn't get those off the rack, they were marks of madness and malice  
Searching for something that may never be known, mental disturbance turns a heart back to stone. Create memories alone in your head, holding you hostage as you lay in your bed.
Behind the Smile Are the tears you never see. Underneath the laughter Is a pain inside of me. You ask me how I'm doing "Good" is all I say. It's the same conversation Almost every day.
Tiana, Why do you fail to see yourself when your reflection is right in front of you? Why is it that you don't realize your self worth? You need to STOP letting the opinions of others change your view,
I was drowning in a pit of despair Little did I know my time was near I stood up, a rope around my neck Nobody would dare to check A pulse that was no more All I have to do is open the door
When I was young HOPE was a big four letter word But as time went on I believed a knife could ease the tensions of life  or that rope could cope but those were just other words I heard
Let those that ignore you continue Let them rampage through the valleys and mountains for they prepare your way Let those that shout you names continue For they soon will wither away
I have some lurking dragons Dragons that are not out for blood, But to see my faith fail Not to encourage or enlighten me, but to frighten and intimidate.
 I got this killa up inside of me I can't talk to my mother so I talk to my diary These bullies wont back off at school because they think they rule
I can accept this love,
There is a lot I have lost but it may be worth the cost. They say I must wake up from my dream but what does it mean? I have cried out for answers... but all I recieve is cancers.
We witness violence Yet we watch by the sidelines This is realism
No one gets you. No one wants to. Why bother fighting, When no one else is trying?   Everyone doubts you. No one believes. No one has faith, That someday you'll succeed.  
If you stop judging everyone, maybe you would understand them.   If you stop looking for everyone’s faults, maybe you would see their strengths.  
SCARS TO THE STREET Y’all ready for this? Let’s get it!
All of us are animals inside Inside we cry and weep We stalk our prey We hunt for a mate We all want love Some can glide Some sweep Some some come home late Some are like a dove
The dove gliding across the red sea of mornings light Landing in a forest of pine and oak The trees sprouting skyward from left to right
Rain drops earth at a steady stop Clouds of depression cover her heaven Faces of shame Share the blame Heaven doesn't ring it's bells An angel is expelled A silent cry for help
She brightens every room she walks into He finds the magic in the lonliest of souls She loves herself He loves himself You damage her light You taint his vision She clouds the room
Big Brother  One to protect  One to care One to laugh with and at One to adore  Loved to the core One to look up to Ten years divided yet so close 
From the point we are born we grow older Faster and faster
Anyone can feel hurt, Anyone can be beat down. But its up to them to choose, How to face the pain. Some put on a brave face Some hurt themselves, Because they feel they have no worth.
Snap out of it! You're not as worthless as you think. Can't you see? When you look in the mirror, Your beauty shines and your smile lights up the world. I know today or yesterday wasn't the best but,
Dear Momma, I if I never live to see you again I hope I made you proud. Im afraid that while walking to the train I could be shot down. We're being treated like wild animal just because the color of our skin is brown.
Needle and thread Needle and thread I pull the string as I push your pieces together Through eyes that are wet I look at your broken body That I collected from the streets.
Madness spreads like wildfire People bearing bruises like medals. When will it end? When will we wake up? I used to think it was fine,   But then I realized, we are all the same.
I'll be honest, nothing goes right Sometimes I'm mean and sad Sometimes I'm alone But all is what makes me, me I love to sing and I love my friends And I love that one special person 
daddy throws the backpack across the room and cracks the tv screen  mommy slams the door behind her off to go fuck jesus  
You see the tears forming in my eyes but you kept shooting You don't understand everything about me but you don't care You shoot and shoot but you can't seem to stop You will see me for the last time
There was a flower Small among others Whose shy petals Shunned all the tallers' It didn't belong Yet it was still there Battered in the breeze And still remaining fair.
A child alone without friend He's a quiet boy, says no words But tells stories with his eyes His eyes that are wet With the tears of fallen angels. He sits in the corner of his own mind
My name is Billy,I stand, I watch,They're at it againI feel the pain, Yet!I stand, I watch My name is Billy,I stand, I watch,Glad it's not me, I pretend not to see, Yet!I stand , I watch My name is Billy,I stand , I watchThey look in despairI pret
One word. One action. One voice. One decision. One feeling. One person. We each have One thing.  
As a child I was the odd one out Wanting to be smart and learn non-stop and people criticized and looked at me with such disgust and saw me as a threat.
Have you heard of the kid who left the highest ranked school in the state, because he was shelled by  bullies? And where he went? Well, he was being stood up for- originally.
The boy who always yell, He bullies, He fights, He cries.   At home, Abused, Alone, Frieghtened.   No friends, No love, No one listening, No one.
Home. Home is where we are a whole. Home is where we, as a family, share memories. Not share needles or pipes. Not have to smell the scent of cheap beer.
Hello there! How are you? Oh wait, we don't talk anymore.   You must have forgotten how we were best buds.
I sit here close to the dirt many people step on me but I don't get hurt there is enough dirt for everyone but all of the other plants try to steal all of the sun  
If I could touch the sun If I could feel its warmth, breath its glow These things I cannot do But simply the color gives to me It's warm colors of a bright orange surrounded by yellow
Ever since you left things have not been the same, everytime someone says your name, it drives me so insane. I try to ignore them, I try not to hear you name, but every time I hear it all I remember is the pain.
You are simply divine! Just look at how your hair, in the sun, shines! That makeup has not even a single stray line! I bet you're compatible with everyone's sign!
She cried herself to sleep every night Thinking that nothing was going right. She looked for inspiration in low places But her tears kept running the same old races. She was ready to draw the line
I wanna believe that we were Meant to be, but I can't and I can't figure out, the reason why I can't believe it
I'm lerning to live with no regret Because if regret had a face That face would be you Not only because you regret everything that you do But because you are the cause Of most people's pain
America Its such a shame Police Brutality Its such a pain So many teen deaths  Its so insane We're just doing what we think is right It's everybodys fault
After holding on for so many years, Wanting to let go of all the fears. Longing to feel love and desire, Longing to go someplace higher. You came with a vengence, Made me strengthen my alliegence,
The Specters speak with power conjured lies; For them whose eyes the truth cannot abide. From silver tongues they try to shatter ties; Their thoughts defiled are never defied.  
Hold your wretched tongue,Tis not I that should be hung.For tis you who brought thee upon thy self,Your mouth sins in exasperation and filth.Doth thou feed off others sorrow?
Life is a series. Months are books. Weeks are chapters. Days are pages. Time is words. 
Wrong person By: Mabendu Kamara   Don’t confuse my kindness with weakness cliched but true. your worst mistake was biting the hand that fed you
BEING MYSELF Be yourself... That's what everyone says. But being myself... gave me this black eye. But being myself Gave me this bruised face. Gave me a childhood i wasn't ready to face.
I don't know how much longer I be able to fight these demons, each time I get weaker, they get stronger The more I grow, the harder it becomes It's light vs. Dark. A win-lose situation Always a struggle. Always a war
Tragedy, How do we cope? ,  Beautiful souls with so much hope. Why are they gone?, What bought us to this place?, Find answers those questions in the Lord's amazing grace. I firmly believe that God has a plan,
Society It's hard to understand another person's story  I can never relate to the struggles before me You can't judge someone by looking in the mirror You have to wipe the dust off so the picture can be clearer
To smile well depressed is such a strange feelinglook to for help yet your external emotions are concealingalone once again
Awake choking, Bathe crying, Walk limping, Become deserted, And you'd understand why suicide is prevalent, It's just another way out of this claustrophobic world, Some times fate takes too long,
I must break the chain You placed on me. I will find my dignity. Though still chained within my dismal den, Some how I will live again.You beat me until I was black and blue; I choked on my bloody drool.You drowned me in an unflushed loo; I rememb
What is going on in the world? Once introduced to one word “Hate” Actions arise and innocent people are killed. Bombs are made for “Protection”
Oh, Land of mine, of me, of my heart and entrails, I feel your cry. How you cry, a devouring song of sorrow, told by the mountains and roared by the oceans. Understood by thosw who do and ignored by those who don't
A bud grows Nurtured by hatred Moistened with blood Only to bloom For all to see  
I take your insults and I swallow my tears I will not show weakness in front of you I refuse to show that you affect the way I feel about myself   But image is everything
I have love for my city But, the killing of innocent people has to end.  When I was younger, I used to be able to sit outside and play. Now, I have to watch my back.  Why?
Your Lungs filled with cement, your feet like bricks. Your ears, open doors to shameless words of hurt. Eyes always watching but never friendly. Tearing you piece by piece,
Just because you cannot see the scars does not mean that they are not there. It does not mean that the thought did not cross my mind like the blade crosses your skin.
What makes you happy? Is it waiting for innocent victims in a dark alley? To rob them off their security? Or is it waking up early, And make your hands dirty, As you toil for your family?  
I am beautiful I am beautiful a word can not describe my beauty my beauty lies benite me, no physical ey can see my beauty I am beautiful I am beautiful I do not need a make up to feel beautiful
Someone else's battle is different from mine.They've been through struggles I can't face.And I've been through struggles they can't face.That doesn't give me any rights.
I have an illness. I have an illness you cannot see. I have an illness you cannot see that is terminal. I forgive.   I forgive you when you warn me. I should have been more grateful.
My dismantled figure stands beaten and wounded, for you have no sense of sympathy as you change into a metamorphisis My anger, frustration, and humiliation suddenly turns into banter for the crowd as they pull their cellphones out
I am an emotive voice expressed through pen and paper, but once was uncapable of being heard  because six plus years of bully beat downs made fear seal every word.   
Dear Lord last night my neighbor murdered his wife. With a swift swing of a kitchen knife he took her life.
They were painful. They were intoxicating. They weren't regular. The corners were regular.   The ceiling touched my nose. The windows shut tight. My thoughts rapid.
Emotion so strong I have to show it, thoughts so deep they must be seen. I know they are staring I can feel their stares on my back. They laugh at my openness
The first day of school I felt scared. Nervous and shy I was, until you took my hand. They made me feel safe, protected from this cruel world. Until the tables turned and the days darkened.
And you with the way you touched my scars as if to etch another chalk reminder on to the wall of my body to keep track of how many times it would never happen again.  
The word past, Does it still bother you? The word raped, Is that you? The word heal, Did it ever happen? The word bullied, Is that you? The word forgive,
Young boy walks home from school, It’s been a long day, The other kids can be so mean, He just wants to feel okay,   Young boy is so tired inside, So he puts on a mask to hide,
Stopping the Violence Javon Miller 12-29-15Waking up every day to the news Once again with police tryi
  Beauty comes in many shape and sizes. Big, small, thick, skinny. Everyone is made different. Unique in your way No one is the same.
In a world full of hate,it makes our fate.Thats saddening and maddening.Cloaked in darknessfrom bearing witenss.Unable to straywithout falling prey.Would a clear picturehelp feeling secure?Could fates be changed, leaving less pained,or persons lef
A disaster caused by explosions Worse than having concussions Bitter, not moving in motions Not sweeter, hurting your emotions A feeling of commotions  What a disaster - Shockwave 
The first time I danced   I didn’t comprehend    As the steps got monotonous   And the dance sluggish I was engulfed In an agonizing frenzy   My dance   Extravagant My feet
I may not have had it off the worst, I actually had it better than most, but it was still a horrible way to grow up. My mother was a meth head and my father, well lets just say he was insensitive. 
I'm sitting in this cold hard chair. Wondering where I went wrong. Unable to sit back because I keep feeling the splinters peirce my back.
"You're fat" "I hate you" "You'll never fit in" Words have a mighty power over me Whether it's a joke or serious I am to be handled with care and caution Most days I am sad and I do not know why
Free from the chains society put on meFree from the afflictive internal battle of who they say I should be.Father god you save me Pain does not consume meOpinions do not delude me To those who knew meDo not grieve for me Leave me Let me be When yo
They tell us not to talk about it. About the guns raiding our streets, killing our people. About the college girl who was raped on her way home from the library, I mean why was she walking home that late anyway?
You murdered me with whisperings of trusted secrets now in fling. Our trust you tore with rampant greed and flaunted my foolish empathy that marked you as my everything.  
Hey lonely, hey sad eyes, help is not that far away just run free!  Dont stop believing in your dreams come ok let's run free  but when you reach a million miles, that's when you should run the most 
I'm not feeling myself tonight. My fingers are itchy, frantic with a rising anxiety fueled by the bitter ink that I have denied in my blood. Those former words that have been the creation of the nerves under my fingertips,
Hold on, time is short I gotta flow, Anxious, I extort as I watch it grow, Watch out, it creeps like Pinnochio, Held by strings I’m screamin', “Let me go!”,
Hold on, time is short I gotta flow, Anxious, I extort as I watch it grow, Watch out, it creeps like Pinnochio, Held by strings I’m screamin', “Let me go!”,
(i’m going to tell you a story today, a story that reads like a nursery rhyme that’s how common it is, and i’m going to tell you all the parts, all the facets of it that show a different picture like the faces on a diamond slowly turning
Put into the right hands and they become inspiration Put them in the wrong hands and they can become dangerous I’m curious Who invented them? These weapons called words Or to others-Inspiration
NOTE: Inspired by/taken from quotes of modern, pop-culture villains.   If you think you’re safe, you’re wrong (an ant has no quarrel with a boot).  I will burn you, I will burn the heart out of you;
You are not dumb You are not stupid You are not ugly You are not a mistake You are not retarded You are not immature
I feel as though My hands and feet, Are individually knotted down To weights that lie under water. I am helplessly submerged With but an inch of space between My body And the Surface.
When will it be ok To no longer hide From a world full of hate And a society full of lies?  
It all starts with ugly It all start with worthless A pity kiss you are all that is worth this. Do you comb that nappy hair those words I hear are hard to bare Do you brush your teeth
Bam! I knocked you out you hit the ground I'm through messing around playing these little games of yours tired of you walking all over me like I'm nothing but dirt I'm done getting hurt
Im stuck in this mental conflict trying to lean on the one person i thought i could confide in. Turns out the same person was crying out for a shoulder in which they could lean on.
In a place where we can't trust ourselves can we trust anybody else.
So yeah I know you'll never read this And this is just some stupid childish crap But I'm the spirit of maybe being normal again Fuck you I know how it feels.
I'm not ready to go back. I've tried so hard, done so much, yet I still end up with the short end of the stick. I've tried everything, but it never seems to help me.
We all fall down Eventually everyone hits the ground It may hurt for a while But you got to get up and smile   Hold your head high Let all of the bad slip bye You are worth more to me
You took my heart without me You do not love you just play You're blind to the pain you cause me I will get my heart back maybe You act like you hate me You care but you hide it
Ever since I was a child the world looked so bright It seemed like all the darkness was pushed away by light But my young mind couldn't comprehend all the truth After all I was in the starting of my youth
Whitney Garcia April 15, 2016 I’ve Got You   I just wanted to say That no matter what You can count on me
There is someone inside my headIt is full of rage and carnage With claws as hard like leadMy mind just can't seem to manage It whis
Rage when it comes Rage it like a drug Rage it can be tamed  Rage makes me insane  Rage comes from the brain Rage is a pain  Rage when does it goes  Rage nobody knows 
You're Still coming at me? Go ahead and give it your best shot cuz I'M GIVING YOU ALL I GOT- and - I'm EVERYTHING  you're NOT- I know that you hate me so bad- that you wanna look like me - theses words are going to affect you-
You had thought your words were fun  You had thought it was a game  But you didn't see the wave of disaster your words became  When the words once said were manifested into a knife  And the knife it cut  It cut deep  Deep into the skin  And the sk
Bullying evokes many emotions and creates a  lot of commotion it causes pain and tears people apart and continuously breaks their heart and puts their life on hold   Even worse is cyberbullying
Five seconds, Five minutes of pain Five was the age I knew I wasn’t like anyone else
Upon thee arrival of opening heated pearly gates, Patiently I waited for another chance to make a cool escape. The shadows and a violet pen provided me with a plain face,
When no-one heard my cries for help,Poetry released me.When the cold of a razor against my soft skin called,Poetry saved me.Poetry has no rules,Poetry has a freedom I cannot express elsewhere.Poetry saved me.  When I was lonelier than the first le
Suffer. Suffer. Scream in pain. Blood is spilling from your brain. Can you hear the dwindle drum? Death you know is soon to come. The world turns black and you feel faint. Your blood does stick like paint.
Dear my fellow friends, first they saw RED, now they're all dead. What I've done, was merely for fun. I have to admit it did benefit. It gave me life. It made me happy.
Why do they want others to cry and have a blackend eye? Why do they want to make others  miserable everyday? Do they want to force them to hide away and never show their face? Do they wish to push others over the edge?
Enclosed by my transgressions, Fighting to see the light of day, Hallowed by my inequity, Going to bed in dismay.   Smothered by my emotions, Wondering how could this be,
Seven years agois when I first got depressed Seven years agois when momma up and left Seven years laterI'm a walking denialpeers hold my trialas suicidal
I came here to forget But all I got was more regret Nothing will ever be the same I am the one to blame Blood is dripping on the floor Behind this locked door No one can hear me scream
We can make a difference, we can mke it if we try, we can make a difference before someone else dies. If we're all in this together,  we can make someone fell better. When they're feeling down and depressed,
Days,Blending,My body moves without me giving any direction,I don't think,I just move,I feel hollow,Empty,A drone drifting the halls of her own sadness,Day in,Day out,
Trudging his lifeless body out of the rusty gate of life, A bloodshot-eyed boy stumbles down a gloomy street Breathing in the purities and love of the world
I am 16, frivolous, and on my first date. I do not know that it isn’t a real date. Or what dates even look like. All I know is what I see from TV.
Olisa Emeagwali                                                                                                                     3/24/15English7A                                                                                                  
You’ve done it. You made me do it. You made me snap. Your actions and words have transformed me, Transformed me into a beast of nature. My primal instincts overcame my intuition,
Before I even knew how to say hi I, Was outcasted, ostracized, denied Kicked for being different, spitted at for daring to be born What was I supposed to do, when even adults sworn
I hold right in my handMy future and my fateI pray my hurt will heal fast And end now all my hateHow could they not realize My pain and my distressI know I must just end it now 
Cry me a river Let me swim through the waves I'll swim all night just to try to change the tide Cry me a river Keep the waterworks flowing I don't care how long it takes Cry me a river
How much pain will it take How many cuts must one make How much anger will it take How many pills must we swallow How much sadness will it take
I'm so lonely now that he's goneCan't write poems or sing songs.Life can be taken away so fastAlthough it never really lasts.Even though I'm alive, I'm deadAll the next days, I will dread,
At the latest hour, in the darkest night is where my thoughts wander each night. Sleep has not yet come, the nightmares have not yet begun but I cannot wake from a nightmare when I am living in one.
Silently I hold my breath. Warily I hug my chest. The sky changes as dusk arrives. I make a wish and close my eyes. The love I feel in heart and soul. A whispered prayer forever untold.
I've Been There Holding On to my last string of faith My last ounce of hope and no one in the world  To care or to hold my hand not even for a second But Me in my bath tub holding on to my arm 
How does it feel To fade away? While you drown In your darkest memory Nobody cares But does anyone know? The smile you wear That it's just a show Here I will wonder
I wish I were among the stars There is better than where we are I'd shine above the world below And sparkle when I wanted so Down here on solid ground there's hate Life comes with all this stress and weight
I fall on my knees picking up my papers, not wanting to lose another in case it’s important. I am shoved back down this time hitting my head against the fountain. Pitying myself and wondering what offense I made
I had already fallen in love I might give your steel armored, Cold icy heart a couple of bruises and, burns Loving me is not a fetish If you were to extend your fingers Saying finding me beautiful is not a novelty
How often do you see a 7 year old child die cause of his fatherMartin Luthern King did not die for our children to dieLost so many of my hommies to the violenceYou may ask were i come from
For years, Life has turned out to be a mistake. Life turned upside down and destroyed over little things that turn to big animals that will tear you apart at the seam. Life brings you insecurities. Life is insecure.
In the lonely darknessStands a kind, but hurt orphanShe goes by the name, LaurenHiding her tears with smilesWhile looking up at the night skyNoticing its the only beautiful thing...In her life
When the time comes, I hope you crumble and fall when the light, hits the midpoint of that beautiful summer day    I hope your flesh rots off of those achy bones.
The earth without art is just eh, and the words I am spewing is music to the ears of all who hear, poetry is my art, and it is the art of the broken, the art of the hurt, 
Im smoking some good dank Im focused on my money in the bank Momma always drank While daddy took life as a prank  Always focused on how to upgrade his rank  But daddy only came aroun to beat momma down 
Friday—a day that every kid looks forward to because it is the beginning of the weekend Most kids are excited because it means they can do whatever they want
In this constant burning hell. This horrendous disaster called a life, I fight on and on though nothing ever work. I only sink deeper and deeper into madness. Forever stuck in this hell
The little you who would stare out the window at night,  Protect that little you. The little you who'd want to go outside to ride on that bike, Protect that little you.
She drifts through the crowd.Shuffling quietly, her head bowed.Hair covering her face.As she walks through the chaotic space.She get bumpedand pushedSmashedand Words get are lashesagainstherskin. It's Starting againShe's wants to raise her head.Bu
Depression i not justblack clothesblack hairand ruined makeup. Depression can befloral dressescurled hairand a bright smile. Please, do not stereotypean illness
My Life is nothing more, but complete sadness the biggest disaster just waiting for me to fall down once again into the hands of the earth that has never loved me as the earth surface starts to crack open and drags me down to the center of
If I were pretty, you wouldn't hurt me, Right? You'd let me be who I want to be. . .  Let me live how I want to live. If I were anything but a beetle or a bug,  You would let me free. Right?
All I Ask Is for your support and your love and understanding. I don't ask for much.  I am a very quiet  person.  I just wish  you would understand that I am alone 
I walk alone down a highschool hall No friends, no teachers, I feel so small This path I take wasn't my choice With everywhere I go, I have no voice   Supportative family but it baby's me
I walk alone down a highschool hall No friends, no teachers, I feel so small This path I take wasn't my choice With everywhere I go, I have no voice   Supportative family but it baby's me
Messed up mixture Written By: Ashley Young   Why can't we all just be non belligerent?
Seeing a dead man on a chair, the father of my father, soulless and cold like never before; Changed my life forever, while I witnessed his life go out the door.
Packing is always the first step. What to take? What to leave? Too much stuff. not near enough time. I've only got five minutes, and once I'm gone I have to stay gone. Fumble. Rush. T-shirts. Underpants. 
Love they say is beautiful, wonderful, amazing, interesting, and sweet. Even some say, love is mild and meek.
There's a small thing I can't live without it beats inside me,  no matter what it scratches at the silver linings of my brain sometimes it fools me into believing I can have anything.  
Is it you? The one that talks to me the way you do No? So is it you? I don’t know how to feel towards you Those repulsive, stomach turning, vomitous
  Once a clear blue sky Dark clouds start rolling in sight  Darkness wins tonight 
The zebras grazing in the open field not having a care in the world, worrying about nothing at all. Unknowing to the zebras is the stalking lion in the brush of the savanna.
Love, laughter, it's all fun and games till someone gets hurt. All my life I've been told be the girl who you wanna be, but all that got me was heartaches and tears streaming down my face.
My alarm clock rings Little does it know i don't dream Nor do I sleep I'm way too busy Attempting to escape my misery I'm trapped The only way out is dismay Between school and home
shaving my scalp won't make a difference at all. my life will still be as fucked as it was in the fall i can't help but hear the androids’ promiscuous call
I notice that you seem perplexed How about I tell you what comes next? You will slowly descend Into the Death River's bend. You will continue to struggle Writhing around in your own confuggle.
As the words"f*ck you" crawl out of grandpa's mouth like a creature made of hot tar mixed with shards of empy and broken glass bottles, the lense clears and the photo is in focus.
Day in and day out you abuse me, beat me, tear into me, I do all I can to defend myself, thus I am helpless. Some days it is just you, other days it is your friends, Kicking me in my ribs, busting my lip,
I have been hiding it for a while, Battling, fighting to win a raging war. I try to hide it with a smile, This predicament I did not predict before. You do not know what I have been through.
Life is a vital dream, Death is a plot twist scheme. Living these days through the hell we see, Never did I think I’d have to live through the shit I’ve seen.
What do pitbulls, lions, and humans all have in common? Our ability to kill. Pitbulls kill when we, humans, force them to. Sweet animals labeled as dangerous brutes,
Your mockery blasts through the air, An explosion that decimates the ground under my feet. As I fall into the void of misery, Spiraling evermore downward,
Your malicious tone burns into my brain, Along with your insults and imprecations Spoken with the intent of inflicting pain   But I think you've misunderstood; I've said things to myself far worse
The Church bells are tolling and crying A women dead before her years remembered only by empty tears and the cries of "Oh the humanity!" But those Humans took away her abillity
Nobody knows what I go thru my family talk about me in a bad way I walk with a smile and play to stop my heart from crying I cry so many days thinking will I ever reach the top of the mountain nobody knows what I go thru I remember when my grandmo
      Raged I am told to be silenced about it i am told to nto have outburst  And to keep it all in... So since my mouth is silenced where does my rage come from Where is it located
Put down the razor, don't let them see. What all of my inner demons have done for me.   Take a cold shower, It won't sting The wounds will heal Beginning of next Spring  
Tribute to Eminem By: Kinnie Cross      I tried to eliminate, I discriminate,
When I was just a child, my father caused my pain. My number of injuries piled, My screams to stop all in vain. I hated the day I was born, My father told me I don't deserve life.
Warning, this object is very fragile. Use with caution, she may break easily. Treat with care, love, and respect. When broken don't stay to close. You might not even notice that she's broken.
When it comes to struggling we know nothing. we are dumb. Some are silent.  Some are screamed, but it is rarely what it seems. While a child starves at home another starves alone, A victim of the numbers.
What is death? It’s where you take your last breath, and disappear forever. Never to be seen again ever.  
A young girl sits against the wall of her bathroom, Her wrists are all scarred and wounded from her pain. She’s been through hell and back, Alone.  
I come home full of bruises But who says I didn’t ask for them Every one else thinks that I deserve what happened I continue to ask myself why As if it will make a difference What did I do to them
we cry, to show our emotion, when we can't understand the world, when no one reaches out a hand, when people only stare at us and jugde, don't know what kills us inside,
Let your light shine for all to see. So that those in darkness can be set free. Smile through the troubling storms. There's hope in the bonds that form.   Sometimes all we see is the heartbreak.
Once long ago there was a good young boy he loved to play and laugh his name was Roy Roy was a loving but mischievous boy one day in his daddy's closet he found dads toy
You think I'm heaven, I think I'm hell.   But you were my misery, And I'm why you fell.   We've fought and we've healed, But every start has an end.   This road is no longer,
The crisp crunch of the dead fallen leaves crunched under her boots, Silencing everything else around. She looked down at her red blistered hands, But they weren't red from the wind, snow, or cold,
I am ugly, worthless, and dumb. I am constantly ridiculed and mocked. I will never be enough for them. I go to high school.
I am the night.  I am the dark. I am the very thing that children wake from in their terrified stupors of panic, gasping for air and clutching duvets closer to themselves, trembling in the vast blackness.
You left No one asked you to leave In fact, you were begged to stay We sat for hours waiting for a blink or a movement I know times were hard and you felt there wasn't any other way But we were here
The dog lays cuddled in the corner of the lit house enjoying the warmth from the comforting fire. Occasionally a hand reaches, scratching behind
I am…… Scholarship   The Bond A story that I must keep untold But in this rare occasion for you I will unfold
I am, the most complex symphony at long last composed of by some of the most esteemed and baffled composers. I am the creativity that saunters and whimsically inhabits our surroundings
they say the one who is the prettiest gets the boys they say the one who is rich gets the yacht and fame they say the one who is ugly gets nothing in the end it is nothing but a title in the end we are all equal
 I am in the sun and the moon, the stars in the sky. I am ancient and wise Very old but in disguise. I walk among you, very shy For now within the sky. I try and understand
During an era when we were bound and silenced, We chose to speak up, No matter the consequences.   Now in a time when we are "free", We stay quiet. We let others fight our battles,
Take one step and the storm rolls in Raindrops of fear and lies and sin Thunderous, screaming taunts The bully, me he haunts Someday the clouds will part; a win
After all these years of being called names and bullied you come to a time where you don't want to be bothered. Sitting and contemplating on what should you do or say not wanting to hurt anyones child or mother.
When everyone is asleep She still lays awake Trying to figure out how to hide her scars He sits in the corner of math class
Who am I? Who are you? People will tell you you're weird, The teasing you have always feared. You don't need to defend. And in the end, Tell yourself it's just a sham
The Bullied:   We don't like or love your abuse You may not know, but you lit a fuse   Building, brewing anger and hatred You're wrong if you think you're the one that didn't make it  
The ding of a bell, or the ring of a cell. The chirp of a bird, or the quiet word.
Life was happy when I was young when I would cry my mother sung now I live to be myself with many things upon my shelf I am not alone, not anymore I will not accept that I am a bore
My vison is not clear. I think about this a lot. Is it fear? Prehaps im over thinking this to much. Faith please give a postive luck touch.   My vison is not clear.
STOP Stop looking at me live commited a crime
Is it fear, theat is making everything seem so unclear. or is it tryna' fit in, that makes us sin. us teens, need to figure out what life really means.
How has violence affected my life? It has cused me a lot of strife From TV, to news, or any other media Or just on the street, in a dark alley If you don't see it you think it's not there
I am who god made me to be okay and I accept it I don't care if you don't I am human just like you
He speaks in an ancient, sacred tongue a lullaby of embers and coals words curling off his lips like smooth daggers of blazing fire Warming (burning) those around him She sees the reflection in puddles
It seems like everyoneIs on the other side watching me burn
I don't want to play this game anymore the teasing taunting name calling pushing me around  How many times are you going to try and push me down before you realize  everytime I get back up
I never looked back  For that's what over thinkers do My page was full   Full of happy memories to adore I loved life   And I thought life loved me back  But that was a mistake  She threw problems in my face
I am the beautifully broken one. Fractured by the friction of family. Ransacked by the ruination of rape. Defined by the darkness of degregation.  Shamed by the sins of many selfish men. 
Feelings is something that makes us human. But also clouds aren't judgement. Because the Monster Insides. Is wait for you to open the cage. And let him roam free from your heavy burden which ones laid beneath you.
Lost you, but did I ever have you? Did not say goodbye, but did I ever say hello? May I now? Farewell my now dear. Rest now, for I know you were restless back with full of life. I hope desperately paradise treats you well.
Can’t believe where I’ve grown up In a city with a great reputation Nice houses and paved streets Not where you’ll most likely meet people like me I could never live up to the standards
I have a hypothesis,
They broke my heart They made me cry They called me fat I don’t know why   They pushed me down They pulled my hair They ripped my clothes It’s just not fair  
as i walk outside in the dark. The words keep coming, "Jump now" But i wanna be sure, The first sign said 55mp, now 65mph. I just have to wait & pick the right car,
Pain. Unhappiness. Hurt. Tears. Fake smiles. Hardened hearts. Words that sting like pin pricks. Accepting things that needs not be, Subsequently running back to those that cause it.
You put words in my head but they do not mean a thing I lay in my bed my phone goes "bling bling"   another message from you your words like a snakebite but you dont have a clue
When did everyone's problems become mine? A week before, I was just a friend and not a counselor I was a kid with a smile and shoulder to offer
I am what you choose to see. The reflections of your actions, the words you speak. I am the light you let in, or the darkness you allow to consume thee. I am power and in control, 
She sits on her bedA six year old little girl,Wondering why her momma and daddy are fighting.
Let it go along with the flow
No one took the time to look inside her head. No one came and asked her if she really went to bed. No one ever noticed the bruises on her wrists as she walked down the school halls. No one noticed the damage they did with all the name calling.
I have tripped over luck and stumbled upon tragedy. I find myself stuck in an elevated, praised, honoured institution, full of the most vile and wretched creatures to fill this earth.
She walks down a lonely hallway
Black girl?
In the dark, it is terrifying, alone and fragile, and the room full of silence,   The downpour is neverending, this life we've wasted,
 Somehow Philly I don't understand how you can take the cold blood of another man , take a human by the gun at hand
I am not a novice nor am I in shame, I hang my head high and away from the wrong claim. I do no reside deep within, And I am better as I've always been.   I hold standards well above,
crystal clear tears gather in my stinging eyes
There is a boy who wishes he was a daughter, Dresses in skirts and dresses who bothers can't tell the world, not even his own father.   They call him a faggot, they call him a dork,
i have seen small limbsslide through the armholes of toddler sized shirtsand their knees bend into boxes without any eyes have watched them flow through a rowof school desks without feeling the push of cold
To be a bastard is to be fatherless To be a bastard is to have a father in Heaven To be a bastard is to be without the Father in Heaven
Baby girl, Baby boy, why do you slit your wrist? Why you always go to violence when you clench your fist? Is it cause you're all alone at the lunch table? Try to fit into the puzzle, but you're just not able?
Curvy, skinny, thin, or fat. What should I wear, should I eat that? Should I talk slower, should I walk faster Am I too talkative? Should I shut up?
Tears in her eyes, Time seemed to stop by. Blade on her hand, Blood will soon shed. She was done with life, so much bad stuff, she wasn't tough, everyone said. She did it, 
I felt so hurt inside didn't know whether to live or die never smiled because all I did was cry as I let your abusive words eat into my soul I thought how can a person be so cold?
I am a person Here in this world The things I have seen Some are terrible I sometimes feel that terrible things happen to me
Diamonds are presous. We hold them as a great value, sometimes higher than your owne life. Your life is a diamond presous and beautifull, tresur it. You only have so much time, use it for good, be imprtant to yourself. Do what YOU want to do.
I am... The voice that speaks for those who can't, because someone sentenced them silence.
The Stooge of a teacher grabs the ruler. He's walking towards you as you sit helplessly at your desk Just prior to him providing you with a massive strike,   You wake up screaming, You had it again.
What have we become?  A generation of pawns Being pushed around and controlled by the jealousy and hatred of another person. Someone we have never seen in our lives.
We are all a compilation of perfect imperfections. The way I see things though, you are perfect. The things that make you say
Nobody love's her, let that sink in. She's in a house full of family and doesn't feel comfortable in her skin. Everyone talks but no one listen's, nobody's hearing what she's missing.
There will come a day were pain is no more 
Pinocchio As these words flow out of their mouth All I can see is this huge inconvenience on my face
I am weak but strong I wonder if I can live on my own. I hear my dad's voice guiding me. I see the people who thought I was nothing. I want to be successful.
Come hither, see me whither, in the wind like dust blowing away. I falter and fallow, as my tears run down my face so sallow, I'm alone and afraid, what should I do?
Today is the absolute worst day of my life I will never say that Hope and care does exist Through violence and abuse Cowardly people's injustice speak As evil dominates the weak
Someone speak before i scream out
"Everyday I groan,
Misused, abused and left sitting confused Disrespected & rejected
“Happy New Year!” I said to you, “My how it has come so fast! But now is a time to rejoice and celebrate Our future despite the past.”   “Join with me friend! Say, why are you down?
this is for the girl that sits all alone,
I woke up alarmed, the darkness asked to come in. "The devil lives inside of me" she said with a crooked grin. I looked into her bloodshot eyes, no soul within.
Everyday there are victims of sexual assault that’s not recorded or taken seriously. Many don’t even realize what they are doing or what this person is doing to them. Its either sexual assault from family members or people you don’t even know.
Unbroken     Whispers. Oh my god. Did you see her?
Waiting and waiting is all I seem to do but, why is it so hard and all I do is shoo? Shooing, pushing, avoiding. Pushing people away that want to be close, my doctor says I need another dose.
I dream a never ending story. The message is still not clear on this very morning. I am soaring over the valley safe from harm. I defy gravity, wind beneath each arm. Steady in flight I continue to soar.
Some things in life are awesome to look forward tosuch as a cookout with friends and familyor a trip to the mall for a fun-filled day of shoppingEveryone has something awesome to look forward to
She looked in the mirror while she Wiped the tears off her face That helped her sleep Last night.
I know what it is to be burned at an early age
Dissatisfied with ourselves 
The beast hurt came out from the spiked pit Enjoying the liberation, enthralled by the roses before it Yet they renew its wounds old, refusing to be admired   Alarmed by the pain
As I scream I notice how no one hears me.
Mommy, theres demons in my head. I see them when I sleep. Every time these thoughts go by inside my head they creep. They see me when i'm happy. They best know me when i'm sad. 
the lies go on, never once ceasing hitting my heart as it continues bleeding   like a river of hate your speech spills out why do you do this? i just want to drown  
Being in love is like blood and fear. All that's left of him is one last year. I imagine us dancing in a burning room, but in reality he is nowhere near. This must be a dream but I see the crowd and team of doctors and family.
Pouring rain, and s
Wilting. Withering. Rotting away. I never wanted it to be like this, watching myself decay. I can't hear. I can't think. What is wrong with me? Never being noticed, standing forever, like a tree.  
Why turn on Why turn off Are we appliances Because I am not a doormat. I love you, but I'm not some cow giving you milk whenever you need it.
Yea I guess I am I'm the reason kids dont live past ten Dying and wishing for lost beginnings   Yes I am The reason blacks lack Life without crimes I must always lie
She walks down the corridor No expression; not anymore The shadows chase away the light Her saddness shows within her stride   She breathes deep from what's building inside
I refuse I refuse to let you define me Simply because there is no defintion I am who I am I refuse to let you attack me You may not accept me but I do I do not need your approval
I put on this amazing façade how could they see though From my point of view I'll show you I made it through all the pain until age 8 When I realized how much it hurts to feel hate
Words can't describe your outfit, so I'll just thro
Once upon a time. I had a best friend Her name was very common but I think it wasn't then. She was a pretty girl Of the age seventeen She'd be a ballerina And twirl around and sing.
She hides behind a curtain of hair
We stand by each other Though the distances are wide We stand by each other Yeah, side by side. We stand by each other Cause we can't hide. We stand by each other Carried with the tide.
The last glimpse of Amber and burgundy, After the bombing and the raid, As his flesh is kissed and licked away  By pincers of roiling flame.
Day to Day we seem to run away, from the things that make us feel grey. Whether it is who we are or who we want to be, these topics can take a while for us to truly see.
You slap my books You slap my faith You slap my apperance You slap my family You slap my life and you slap me You slap me around and I can't handle it any more. Stop STOP. STOP!
To live and let love die That's the song America sings When people are ruthlessly killed And no one knows why Listening to a mother's mournful cry When her baby boy dies
At the edge of my bed, A close friend creeps, His gibbers and gabbers fill my head, The way he speaks is quite bleak, I'd not mind it if he wasn't two years dead.
The urge has come back to give into the attack
You get judged every day  People dont know your pain What you gain people suck away Selfconfidence starts to drain  It is hard to make it through the day I cant believe my eyes
There are things I needed to say,  but you didn't hear.  You told me it gets better and things would change, you preached to me "One Day"  One day....  
This video was created to transmit disgust with incidents of law enforcement officials relying too heavily on violent measures of interventi
NO ONE desirves to be bulled for any reason no one, you are so pure within who you are! and who you are is your own person you fight within every part of yourself because sometimes the fight is all you have
I think you have anger issues.
It's 4 am I am wide awake I know no one who is up this late I think about everything you've done  As I prepare for my last dawn You've lied your last one  They believed you over me I never touched you
I am one of many Small branches of a broken tree Always looking to the ones above For guidance, strength and security.
Why do people think its okay to play with emotion as if the person already not over dosing Maybe they just don't care see if it was me I wouldn't take it I would try to fight back Make it
Faking a smile everyday
Mother   Says she cares That she'd have stopped it "If I would have just told her when it was happening" (I was five) But then says 
This is normal says the teacher Talking about the emotions Of a person in a book And suddenly I am not in the class   I am five again His hands wandering to places they shouldn't
I am not perfect But I have identified my flaws I have bipolar disorder I have depression But I do not let it control me I am Passionate I am loving
I just have to be In the midst of all my problems Jesus is all I see Just me being who He died when He shed His blood at Calvary Is a worthy price He paid No one else can can be A copy wright of me.
Large nose, large thighs, the filter of plastic surgery may be the only cover-up.
In time and chance Maybe we can all dance Up and Down the world so green Why do people have to be so mean Time can change anybody's name And yet people remain the same Sometimes things go wrong
The world, 5 billion people, Some wealthy, some poor, Some smart, some not, Then there is me.    
There's too much discrimination, too many uncaring hearts, Some people only laugh when others are torn apart. Whether its racism or sexuality, no one seems to care,
This is the story of Sylver Raine.
I wanna belong here I just want to fit in I wanna be All the things That I’m supposed to be But I just can’t seem to figure out   Don’t let me disappear Walk a day in my skin
Without a care in the world I stare at the lens in front of me,what has become me Behind the lens you will find the real me, not the one I appear to be It's inside out, without a twist of doubt whats becoming of me, you see
dense with Grief: Rain slithers toward me.   my eyes, staring above, fall to fatigue.   consumed with Doubt: Wind screams past me.  
im sick of all the hate between the people you love im sick of the people stabbing eachother in the back  im sick of the underaged children being exposed to all of the rage
She smiled, but inside was falling apart. She had secrets that nobody knew Her hurt and pain made her heart miss a beat.
It is to love as it to violence It is to darkness and is more in depth, It plays the sound of many violins. Hearts that long to beat evil and beat death. Love, it looks over, thus making it rough.
I have a secret. It’s sad and it’s dark.
I felt eyes burning the back of my head 
Kill yourself.   That person, That senseless, cold-hearted person. That person, who doesn't realize I was that close.   Step back, reflect on what you said. Do you really mean that?
Broken by the words they said I 
As day turns into night, All happiness vanishes out of sight. Unable to feel anything but alone, I begin to feel as cold as stone.
I lay as still as can be, Watching the sky beneath the old tree.
I am quiet and quite emotional, many used to say I was really antisocial. I have limped, kicked and crawled from the at school threats, nobody knows my darkest secrets.  
Dear Daddy, I wrote you a poem It's about how your little girl grew up in a broken home Please don't cry, I've grown up strong  I know that you love me, I've known all along 
The struggle is real Kids sit around popping pills Parents are fighting Little ones are crying Babies are having babies We're running low on ladies Worlds full of drive bys
How would you feel if your sister or brother was getting bullied to the point where they want to commit suicide? So why would you want to bully someone else child? What if you were in there shoes?
Been taken I've been mistaken Mislead with all things wrong. what a shame i carry not many thing left to buried
With every breath the pain deepens 
Once a sudden whisper of hate.
I want to be recongnized. I want my voice to be heard. I want a chance for people to realize, I am different. I want people to see me as I am. I've been down a road no one wishes to live.
There are times when you have
From when I was conceived, it was constant unrest Mix of emotions growing on me, depressed. As I grew up times got tougher, Moving around, and my parents getting older.  
From when I was conceived, it was constant unrest Mix of emotions growing on me, depressed. As I grew up times got tougher, Moving around, and my parents getting older.  
Hello girl, why do you cry Do you cry because your nose is too big, or your eyes too small? Because the boy you like doesn't know your name, even though you've had class after class together since freshman year?
Oddly amusing No really, truly.   A voice akin to honey as it falls Yet a laugh of a hyena when it calls.   Amber skin,  With hazel eyes.   One who values virtue,
An early death is failure expressed
Optimism Opposing My Insanity By: Tristen Baker   The past is a dark crevice,
There once was a girl Who held her head high  But you’ve stolen her confidence And you’ve made her cry  
It's who I am. I've always been tall. And no, I don't play basketball or volleyball. I am constantly stranded in a sea of small and world of petite. Yes, my feet are large, but imagine if I had small feet.
There's so much to say but not enough time. And maybe these scars will fade away instead of shine. We all have regrets but it's time to move on. Get away from the past it's time to stay strong.
 in third grade i was the weird girl with glasses freckled face  head hung low whispers of "she's weird" "why is she so quiet" i didn't know what self-hate was back then
I woke up with a smile on my face I woke up ready to face the day I woke up ready for the bulies I woke up ready for the harsh words and the crule laughter. I was ready for the torment
Its hard to get back up when you
Why not love me for who I am?
They said it could never happen, so when you told me to give you my hands I gave them to you. I even smiled. Now I am tied up and I'll probably die. They say better to have loved and lost,
What do you do when the words “it’s okay,”  just simply aren’t true?  What can be done when the body aches against the phrase, stomach tied tight in webs like spiders, tongue standing still like a silent statue?
Thoughts of nothing In times of despair I see you strutting Like you don't see me here I wished to fly like a choir on high To live like a new being awoken To be sheet thin and soar the sky
You used to take the punches, you use to suffer the abuse. You stood your ground, a solo lonely post. And your blood on the ground was your reward.   You prayed and prayed, God let this end.
Come, Sit down and view my world Let me take you in   They say my name As if it is I that should be ashamed. And yet, I win another battle  
Someone I dont know  I see them on Instagram posting a selfie  ew look at her lips or even her lips  its someone I dont know  But let me make a comment because thats  someone I dont know 
Bigger,wider they stand before me Louder,heavier they rage above me Their words tumble like an avalanche, hitting me chest I am out of breath, have nothing left   Ignorarnt and cold, they cannot see
I wear a mask of stoicism. Even if the violence, The irritation, The hypocracy and hate, They get to me and cause my blood to boil. But, I can't let them get to me. My mask is what keeps me calm,
Between night and day,they did nothing they stood like statues in the moon lit garden not saying a word to each other.   They look forward,but not toward the future
I have forgotten who I am Swallowing the quilt and pain Laying in my bed, with blood pouring from my veins I cannot even cry
What I'd expect to see in a better me That would be to be free Not just any kind of free, but the freedom to be me No makeup kind of selfies that will get one-hundred likes Messy hair and acne to show the world
The world is a scary place Drugs Bullies Suicide Temptations Murder Assault
Anger bubbles, The light insidie: it crumbles. I'm left hot and tight, Can't make it one night, Without wondering how, Without wondering why and I am left my own devices. Try to think twice and
All I am in life is a complete mess up that ruins everything No matter what I do; I always manage to mess up everything in my wake Everything I do leaves a huge crater that will sting
In times of old, they found a rock, pleasing to the eye And all poor men would search for this, or at least try Most were grey, but this one gold, they always wanted more
BlackAs a kid Black was just a color in the crayon boxIt was the color of the night skyIt was word I used to describe my best friends hairIt was the color of the pen I used to draw all over my little white dress
It lurks within the waters, to bring him back, been away, but can't turn around. 
How would you feel if I died? What would you if I disappeared forever? Would you feel los and depressed I was gone? Or would you simply forget I was even born?  
Throughout history, there have been observers. There have been overseers. There have been sideliners. I am. The world moves on with constant motion. Oppression running wild without submission.
People make mistakes
Blood paints itself on my body I am only a canvas Hidden from the rest of the world
I'm not some dumb young girl who'd turn against her best friend
Some people yell and scream while others inflict pain upon themselves. Nobody ever knows the truth of their Fear.   Some people cry alone while others will just pretend to be happy.
Pain. So much pain Can't handle it. DIE! They say. The world doesn't need you. No one wants you. Nobody loves you. Nobody will miss you Belief. So much belief You believe them.
"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" That's what my momma used to say But little does she know Everyone sees the same way Individuality is talked of with passion But when someone tries it on
You push me down into dirt,You stay proud of what you blurt,Of all these words screamed out at me:
Ominous ebony smoke fills the air A mist of forsaken souls condemned to demons Alabaster arms reach out and grab the prey Frozen fingertips stain the innocent flame Nails running deeply into the skin
you can hate loving someone, but love hating someone.
From the city that thrives on violence Yearning for change No one is marked with innocence Everyone stays in their own lane Where a child's life can be cut short by the pull of a trigga
A silent warrior who takes things                 blow by blow                 one hit after another                 never striking back and is left to clean up the mess.
Who cares,
A universe so massive, an earth so large,
Dear Sammy, There are so many things that I want to say To you   To your cellmate To the guy in Cell Block D who loses a piece of himself each day The sun’s rays are beating against the concrete walls
I could remember clearly the last time I was brutally picked on. 2008, the year I had learned how to be a man.
To be or Not to be [exsistance is not the question but rather what apparance impACTs]  Do I Dare [Look upon a mirrior? do the blemishes on my face] Disturb the Universe?  
                                             When will Life Start    
She once was a girl who everyone loved
Keep moving forward people will hold you back no mader where you go people will try to bring you down
He pushes you You cry He stab you You die It could have end at the push If you knew how to punch
It's okay to feel down, it's okay to cry. Just remember you're not alone.
Life kind of sucks, I wish I could give zero fucks. Really none to give, why do I even choose to live.   Forget what I'll leave behind, if only you could see what's on my mind.
She showed me how to paint.
When i looked into the mirror I saw someone who would never be someone in life. I listened to what people considered me to be.
We were hurt onceand then they told usthat the pain thatsettled over our shouldersweighted like the worldwas our cross,was our albatrossto wear, to bear.
I thought I was the flawless  in the past. But now I realize that with the critiques and the mistakes I've made,  I am flawless with a cause.   I am flawless because I have flaws on the outside that teach me.
Little girl stood strong and free, With her head held high, And her eye in the sky, But little girl is different from you and me.   Little girl used to run and play, She had friends by her side, No secrets would she hide, But soon little girl began...
Seeing her, standing there doesn't make you wonder What's her life like when she gets home? "Man shes ugly, look how fat she is" Have you ever thought she might be going through something? '"NERD NERD NERD"
When I think of me I think of strong When I think of me I think of loss When I think of me I think of progress When I think of me I think of success
A pleasant day, nice and sunny
One day, we hope the hate will just dissapate.
He didn’t fit into the “in crowd”Just because he wasn’t allowed.But coming home to screams and shouts.
when i was a younger soul,  i let a man destroy me i had closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and fell hopelessly for the devil because his words were like music   and when he left for the first time
The silent whisper, the shadowed eyes Say more than any other. Laced words and shaded anger Hold a story still unknown.   Beneath lies a storm.   Beware the lightning
God forbid I ever have a smile, even for a second   It's like they see me as a color instead of IN color, as if it's so black-and-white to believe that an  
So you think it's cool to put someone down? You think you can just push people around? Making them feel worthless and pathetic? You know, I just don't get it...Shaking my head, I try and figure this out.
I have witnessed what it’s like to survive.  Home fragmented, world traumatized A man who never cared, and no faith to see a way out Still I couldn’t stop moving
I take two steps into the dark And im surrounded by fear A rush of anger and i know my mark And She is standing there with a sneer   I see my doom in Her eyes And I know the end has come
Bringing down others  Undermining ones own self confidence Leaving a trail of broken people. Lifless bodies strewn every where due to you I can only wonder and pray that i'm not next. 
You look at me and think I'm fine, confident and loving life, Unaffected by your exclusion. If only you could see The tears I have cried at night The knives I feel in my heart and back.
I walk around with a tattered veil over my face My heart is kept at a dim glow
Are you telling yourself that you need to change? Why, are people causing you pain? Saying you want to be part of the"in-crowd," Don't, instead just scream out loud, be proud. Do people tease about your looks?
A poem that I featured on my blog:
Your tounge speaks a thousand words Your ears hear the sound of heaven Your eyes see the visuals of hell Your life is but a dream  And your loss is but a memory And you know it is never enough
You beat me, leaving bruises on my skin.
I want to be strong. I want to be pretty. I want to be heard. Someone will always have what we want, but cherishing what we have is the best thing to own. I always thought, and thought.
Hope Not for me But for humanity   As I straddle  The edge of a bridge Cars passed by Never slowing down Never caring   Yet one A nice red car Turned around
Who am I, who are you, who are any of us really We hide, we lie, we submit to pressure freely We take what others call weakness And mask it in hate, or strength or meekness not show our passion or our joy
Fakers, Faceless Fuel my anger! Liars, Labelled Living in your image.
All of the people in the whole wide world, Trying to get on the flawless level. Putting people down to seem way better.
Sideways glancesSmirksSnickers behind binders But they don’t knowThey don’t know what she’s been throughThey wouldn’t do this if they knew
Close your eyes
Can't Knives Glass Needle  
Despite the clumsiness
June 25th, 1998, A year exactly after given birth, The green never-ending fields fill the color of Child's eyes, And when in the lightest of day, they change to sapphires and reflect the depths of the ocean floor.
I walk in the dark with no one in sight. Webs are all I feel while gliding my hands on the walls, feeling my way through the cold halls. Goosebumps cover my whole body. A loud noise startles me while a bright light appears in front of me.
I say fuck the people that so called “raised-me” Really the don’t give a fuck about me lately Should I talk it out with them? I don’t know, Maybe But in this stage it seems impossible
BEAUTIFUL Life is a BEAUTIFUL place So BEAUTIFUL that it shouldn’t be taken away
They see the scares but they don't understand Pain, confusion, anger The cause is never known. But they know enough to judge to call on suicidal to yell and say you're not right. Why?
They say the world goes around but everytime I look down all I see is the ground, standing still,
I hide behind a cutain Because I am no certain With who I am, or myself Afraid to how my voice Yet this is my choice Keeping myself hidden Why? I try to show But they dont care to know
To feel cold tumbled chills I hear the mourning The result of one who kills But nobody saw his forewarning A future not so adorning; The grim taste fills the air The smell of death so unpleasant
Slam Behind the Curtain   Driving down the lonely road I stare forward as tears stream down my face leaving clean tracks from where dirt once resided.
Peace is a nonviolent war
I hide behind invisible walls in which no one else can see but me Scars that seem to appear out of no where every now and then And yet I feel no pain
    Life begins inside the cell A simple structure,  without much complication,  that one can find anywhere A cell, which can build a monastery
See that house,It's crumbling.One more kickAnd it's tumbling.Rain is poring downAll day and night.The wind so harshIt won't give up the fight.
See that house,It's crumbling.One more kickAnd it's tumbling.Rain is poring downAll day and night.The wind so harshIt won't give up the fight.
The moment of silence lasted till noon We all agreed that he was taken too soon Some call it a tragedy But our lives are not Shakespeare And Death is no Bard So what sense can you give me?
Bus seats coldChildren glance
She flies in the inner city. Surrounded by different flocks, which one is best to join? Colorful birds flying in the sky Why can't she be more like them? Wings, large and wide,
So young and matured Nowhere close to assured
I am a anxiety driven girl I wonder when life evens out I hear the pouding of my heart I see failures flying around I am anxiety driven   I pretend to have it all together
Gun shots in the air Almost very week someone is beat to death, stabbed up, shot up, and on the news It's a shame to how poeple can kill others, hurt others Kids killing kids
I ain't the boy in the nice clothes, hair done, and family on "fleek" I ain't the boy with the same dead eyes, same clothes, or same attitude everyday 
Sticks and stones may break my bones,  But words can hurt me too.  Those words are dirt,  Beneath my feet.  Those words are seldom true. I can't stop their efforts 
Abrasive and Bawdy, Calamitous, Determined, Explosive, Fun, Gaudy. At first glance I am so self-assured, 
When I was 6 years old, my hand would soar to the clouds, beaconing an answer to every question. My teacher’s praises would help me fly, while others took aim and with a BANG, shot me from the sky.
You hate what you love,
...As I learn, 
The deep, agonizing thoughts swarm  around my head as if they are bees.The dark memories cloud my brain to the core, keeping me from seeing the reality around me.
I want my poems to go to the hearts of the lost kids. To the kids who have been hurt by people.
They say not to fight it They say let it happen But im not gonna drop it Im gonna make things happen This life isnt what people make it out to be Drugs liquor smoking weed We have to fight the system
Little girl terrified She smiles as glittering tear drops down All defined, labeled, and identified She blinks as she watches them drown Observing people through her bright eyes
Why do you need audience? Someone who really wants to leave, Doesn't tell anyone else, They go in secret. If you reach out, It's because you want help. You don't really want it to end.
When people around look at me, I will tell you just what they see. They see a quiet, awkward, "nice" girl, But is this truly the real me?   I let others define who I am,
Walking down the street with a group of friends the same age.  
So deep and tender,
Mama, I know you're hurting but I'm hurting too, I know you're angry, Mama, But I'm angry too, So stop raising your voice and listen, One, two, thee, four, five,
The ancient ways are gone but some not forgot The new ways have come A new battle to be fought death or Life, its time to decide Then it hits you just like a knife
We hide behind a mask of lies To keep the truth from waving "hello" and "goodbye" But have you ever cried through blood shot eyes? Hit after hit, on that emotional high Have your lungs ever hurt so bad,
We hide behind a mask of lies To keep the truth from waving "hello" and "goodbye" But have you ever cried through blood shot eyes? Hit after hit, on that emotional high Have your lungs ever hurt so bad,
Dear Victim,   It was never your fault, but they made you take it all. No matter how hard you tried  it was not enough to get by.    All the names they called you.
People have always told me:High school will be hard.High School will beThe worstTimes of your life.You will be beaten to the groundAnd pushed so low that you will Forget
Day in and day out we search for answers, for solutions to problems no ones asked us to solve, for reasons behind already proven facts like "Why does the sun leave us every day?"
Broken Wings  
they say I'm ugly that I should just kill mysef why do you do this
Shadows on the wall Noises down the hall Life doesn’t scare me at all I’m just a little lost girl that has lived in a jungle all her life. Bad dogs barking loud Big ghost in cloud Lions on the loose
pop pop and the crowd goes wild never thought my hopes and dreams would ever let me down
Lonely soul, lonely soul what happened here? Did they push you to the ground In your mind instilling fear? Did they hurt you and abuse you Shout obscenities in your ear?
You hear the whispers. Your hear the rumors. Everyone is talking. Everyone is judging.
Im afflicted and you are too You can't hide it because we all see through you Nah not your every thought and feeling But its enough to understand and realize that you're afflicted too
"Free information" Say it slow and enunciate Remember it like this Before your eyes precipitate
Mr.Bully, your words hurt me and so does your hitting and punching Everyday you make me wish I could fade away I try to be strong but sometimes I cry  I'm so tired of saying I'm okay because that is a lie
I feel like I'm running, down the endless hallways of the tarsus full of all those things from your imagination. Only in this they can kill me, not only can but will. But that's ok, because what I feel is life and life happens.
Some believe it's an excuse Some believe it's an escape But for whatever perspective you're in This is not a lightly taken case Tis nealy bad as rape   Fear clouds judgement
Blood running down my wrist. My pain is so intense I feel nothing any more.
Blood running down my wrist. My pain is so intense I feel nothing any more.
Hurting every day when you get home,
Can I take this mask off now? It smells like mold, like a forgotten fish tank Probably from all of the long trapped tears   Can I take this mask off now? I cannot see through the eye slits
Like a dark seed  blooming in the night. The warnings I did not heed, everyone thought it was such an awful fright!   Can I help but want to fight a choice not my own?
We are all young, We tend to push people down, and make them feel worthless. but yet, we know we are doing these things and not stopping them.
I wake up, it's the start of a new day I say "Goodmorning!" to my father. I say "Goodmorning!" to my mother.
She's broken inside but all you see is a smile She's walks by you and all you smell is the sweet scent of cherry blossoms But all that fills her nose is the smell of depression and defeat
The weight of your anger, Turned on me, a total stranger. I haven't done wrong, You just wanted to feel strong. I see through you, This isn't something you want to do. I see the hurt inside,
When I'm gone they'll say they loved me They'll claim they had no hate But the reason that I'm dead Is because they came too late The ground will cover me now As they gather 'round to watch
Can't you see me hurting or do you not care? Can't you hear me crying or do you ignore it? I put up a front to keep people out I wear a mask to hide my true feeling from showing Hiding how your words affect me
See tha girl over there? The one you teased? Tears come to her eyes. But, don't worry, you'll not see those tears tomorrow.   See that boy over there? The one you shoved in a locker?
Windows down, summer jams. High energy flowing through my veins. This was the sumemr that help me find The truest version of what I have inside. Now that it's over, the warm weathers gone
Crimson red blood, Dripping from the knife that you hold. Who are you, Masked killer?
  Where violence went wrong So I’m sitting in my room all alone
I miss you dear friend Why did you have to go and change? I miss the old you, I wish you felt the same.
Although you may look at me and see nothing but smiles, I'm sure it's hard to believe I've been hurting for a while  
                                       "No one likes you freak!"                                     "Not allowed to talk to you."                                     "Stop reading and go play."
if i died today i bet no noise'll
We see it happen  Do we do anything? Once.. twice.. thrice We see it happen
The Day Were 2 Long 4me I Dnt Not Seem 2 Understan Anything Being A Teen Was Smething Gud Bt I 4gt The Other Part Of Lyf I Was Scared 2 Face My Own Fate Wich Was Just Beside Me Lyk My Shadow I Knw Smting Was Cmng Up Bt I 4gt Te World
You were born with a purpose in life. You were taught and will learn from your mistakes. People bring you down only to make you stronger. You will live and appreciate all that has been brought upon you.
What is alone?    Is it without home ?    Is it when you walk in and hear something I've never heard, "You're a mistake, go away?"   Is it when you're at school and people call you names?  
 Behind this curtain beholds the real me
Im tired of
  Winter snow Embodies my clothes The gentle cold breeze shivers Upon my red nose   The stream of tears
There are many faces in torn down places Broken and frozen not knowing What is to come shall we run or hide
All one in the same All containing aspirations and dreams Only to be shot down,  By the shot sound, Of a shot gun, That you shot becasue you thought it would be fun  
A broken past, these shattered shards Looking back I see it all Imagine the actions, the faces, the places See the blessings, the gracings - of a lonely soul in an island of mystery
Where I come from is Pain A pain I always have to cover. I cover my pain with smiles and laughter. So, what is pain? Pain is a sereis of lightning storms that don't go away these storms,
Don’t let people know who you are, who you really are, since glass hearts shatter easily by those who have been equipped with stone swords from birth. Don’t let people know what upsets you, since
The voice I use to speak my words
What's the color red? It's not the color of the hair on my hair, Nor the color of the sheets on my bed, NO.
I am nothing, nothing, nothing.
You thought you'd beaten me But here I am You thought you'd won But here I stand I have a voice You didn't silence it forever Here I am, standing tall.
Rain comes crashing down as it hits my face You injure the living You are too distracted to see pain Just the colors of drops of rain You see no harm in hurting the ones you love. You never understand,
Don't slit your wrist,
The walls everywhere: Names shouted behind my back, Pushed and pulled and bumped.   The walls everywhere:
Blonde hair, hazel eyes. So quiet, yet so funny... whats up with the sky? Yellow, Blue, Purple...and Green... All these colors we see in her jeans. Tye-dye shirt, orange shoes...
I am Ayrianna I am uniquely unprecedented I am beautiful and I am proud I am bold and intelligent
I am a flower in a desolate land seeking my revenge I walk in an array of malignant traitors who feed on my predilection to whom which I will soon avenge
My silence is my voice I am heard not through the things I say but those I do not, quiet is a bomb  falling from the sky its explosion, still   Yet
Why is it a chore to stay alive, Why do we laugh when we want to cry, Why do we hide behind a mask,
The bloody rose
When will the violence endSeems like everyone is with it like it’sa trend,Or they do it to blend in,Don't they know thou shalt not kill,But some do it for the thrill,
If the world is strange, Then be stranger. If the world is hard, Be harder.   The crowds will jeer, The eyes will linger. You will hold out your hands to them, And you will smile.
Anger and pain are all to familiar Every day is a struggle to keep it together Every morning I go about with a smile on my face Meanwhile these demons inside are clawing away
It's easy being with you, sacred simplicity
I have always felt that my purpose is to listen. I want to be heard just to show you not to fear Those things that make the tears well up in your eyes and glisten
Stabbing in your heart,
So you think you're a tough guy?Beating on the weakThat sting in your knuckles echoed by a life timeIs what you createAn artist of despair
  Over the years I've lived through a lot of things; Over the years I've been a lot of people, So many that I lost myself.   Sometimes I look,
To some, I am tragedy
Through life i've fallen deep into my pain and suffering I try so hard but im never free
If I could, I'd walk up to himSay how sorry I am for everything I'd doneBut I know what he'd doWho am I to ask him for forgiveness?I can't take back the wrongs I'd done
Drifting lower down Can't reach them can't hear the noise Still the shame remains
We only got one time, our life is defined Behind eyes of the man whose never had blood on his hands. They teach us virtues in class, but tell us to stab each other in the back when the time comes and there's only one spot open.
I remember, when I was fourteen,  I found out my friend had been raped. I didn't even know what it meant  back then. My friend, she was a drug addict. Living with the trauma.
She wakes up to a new day 
This is one who creates, who tries to thrive, especially because she was dropped into the fierce tidewaves and learned to dive.
If you look at me you'll guess that I'm a very kind hearted southern gentleman who was raised right. A type of person who has a soft spot for anyone in need. A type of person who is willing to help anyone who seeks help.
My tears will be forgotten. My words will be left behind. You stood by my side as the days went by. But now you have hurt me! You tore me down and broke me! Why? You don't notice nor care! I don't need this!
I see people everyday Who sit all alone Pretending to be something they’re not Just to fit in Change their clothes and dye their hair
How come I have to walk the dirt road
The Dark Corner is where i stayed its a curse not a blessing that i stay there all day So quiet not speaking to anyone or anything tell one day some people tried to take me away
they never even noticed the redness in her eyes they never even noticed  the signs that everyday she cried they never even noticed because they never even cared
  She barely knew him.She couldn't remember his name.They pulled out a fire.They created a flame.
Be original is what we’re told But the minute we become that they say copyright is all we know People hate what they can’t understand Disinformation even in the witness stands We blog about how we’re never heard
 Has anyone noticed our world today? A world where violence is on the rampage, And the news portrays death day after day.
Sometimes, enough is enough you tap out before the going actually gets tough nevertheless, no one else is in your position except you battling and fightng to get through
Its funny that this Slam was chosen, I had written a litteral poem my freshman year literally called "The Mask" The mask is constructed To hide you away You appear happy You appear kind  
Thousands of runners are almost there They are coming up to the finish line But a danger lurks in the crowd One that no one knows is there Until it’s too late The danger drops a book bag near the finish line
Never confident in my skin Thinking of who I could have been Tried to blend into the scene To be a prop, a little thing   Hiding from the judgment and hate Worried even about the things I ate
From back home country roads To learning everything mama knows This small town is my life But I got to leave tonight   To move out but to never truly leave This town is the only home ill need
So this is how it all begins, with wondering limbs threatening to leave their skins   There's a systematic pattern in all our sins see we all have these opinions but then what we know that the world is flat and it revolves around us   Don't adjust...
Pressed aginst that cold wall my tears only make it colded your words burn on the inside but the wall is so cold i ball my fist in anger and try to fight back but all i do is end up witt the wall
My faith was sinking and I didn't know what to do. So I decided I needed to look up to you. I hadn't prayed in so long I didn't know what to say. So I started out with God give me grace.
ten thousand bullets headed your way  what do you do? run and have hope you'll make it out alive? or just stand there and wait for the outcome?   the first couple of hits might hurt like hell 
I am concealed in my mask of mystery Eluding everyone everyday as to who I truly am Almost no one knows of my backstory Of my struggles Of my woes They would rather see the mask I wear
Dynamic energy Pounding Pulsing Begging to escape And I won't let it   Though bright Though powerful Though brilliant It is vulnerable It is afraid  
Alone...I think to the days...Where they are not so dreary, not so chilly...The days not so shattered, no so batteredThe grey sky marks my pathThere's nothing to guide me now
I wish I had spoken. I wish I was heard. That dreadful night, just know it hurts... I was afraid, tormented... and it still goes on. All you see is a smiling child, with no bruises or cries
They never see it, until it's too late. After it happens, they realize all the signs were there. They have a hunch, but they're too reluctant to do anything about it.
Beaten down Smacked around Not by fist But by words.  
I live like the ups are mountains & the downs are cliffs. A wave of antidepressants that are just trying to fix… Me. Trying to keep my sanity. And if I break, but no one chooses to hear, will I make a sound? Will solace ever come my way?
This world is full of life. The life that begins as a cell. Though others cannot tell. But we constantly kick back and yell. That our voices just want to be heard. Over and over, we scream and shout.
Touch my cold skin, look at the scarsHeal them make me be beautifulEven if it's just for a mere second Show me I can smile and thatEach moment counts for somethingAbsolutely extraordinary
There is a growing city Upon which the red creeps, A place that is full of People in the streets.   The plague advances Bit by bit, Lowering the people Into a dark cold pit.  
In Baltimore, We have lost 92 of our men What’s stopping me From being number 93 This poem is for number 43   Michael Mayfield ROTC student, And gifted baseball player, His arm,
Give me a sec to get my mind straight. And let me speak out what I feel every day. You wanna know what my struggle is, so listen carefully. I feel like just some dusty book on a shelf.
Bullying is the worst evil It can make you bleed It can make you feeble It strips away your confidence It can destroy honest men It steals from the poor It preys on all fours
  Goodbye cruel world On a bed of all my sorrows One more time must I wake
  I was once a rock I did not know much about things so it didn’t hurt me I was strong, brave, and courageous because I wasn’t afraid of the world but now I am All the hurtful words,
Tick? like a clock?
I've been where you are That place where nothing seems to make sense  That place where it's you against the world I've been there    I've been to that place 
What is fear? A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain? A threat that is real? Or imagined? The feeling or condition of being afraid.
I was not as brave as I am today I cried almost everyday.Bullied by many saved by few the numbers dwindled as I came to.But as I grew taller the number of bullies become shorter.I cried no more and became a man to adore.
Why do you care what I say? I fume and I cry and I try to get my own way, I bluster out loud while I really hurt inside, I act like I'm tough when you hurt my pride.
How many times will I hear about it all?
She’s 16 and sad, But in love all the same. He walked into her life,  And with him, violence came.   First it was smiles, And a love confession. But the jealousy and control,
Listen rasicim insercurities stereotypes  all so common but all of it bites  no change no shift  but who going to change  especaily when we live in a world where everything that is taught is sane   
An old man watches, A baby cries, But neither one, Will meet my eyes.   An enemy laughs, And old friends greet, But I just carry on, Staring down at my feet.  
  Drug Abuse Resistance is what we teach, but isn't it ironic,
This hair is not going to do, these bodies all irregular to mine.
Intro: Back when I was in elementary school I was bullied, and that was not cool I had no friends, and I had no fun Back in the past was a really bad one Everybody deserves respect
This is basically an additional character that I created for the Canterbury Tales and is based off of Chaucer's writing style.
Not to be or to be, is the problem. Whether or not, together and if, one Will remain the truthful of an album Gloriously remaining the calm fun
Oh no
Check out all my original poems on YouTube for my group Fight Against Bullying - be the voice    
this is ai
I want to write a poem To the days that will not be For the times we only wish That we all could live in peace I would dedicate this poem To the beauty that is rare
You speak the sin, you spread the seeds, you wear a mask of deceit. You're fellow friends have you on a leash, you're like a vulture that is circling me. I brace for impact, as I fall in a whirlwind.
An elegant
Now before you decrease judgment, Heres some words yo
The words stung
Do onto others what would be you. To change another would be to change oneself. To change their actions, their minds, their personality, the "being" in which they are. To change one,
Appearances really are misleading. I do not look dark, yet I am not light. My face has the complexion of many hardships. When you see me, your eyes are blinded, not by light, nor the dark,
Listen, have you heard? No. when I speak to think I'm the center of attention is absurd. Every week; a rise in tension because they terroize this nerd,
They walk on her like a doormat, laughing and calling her names. It used to her her so much , but now she's used to the pain. She wants to feel something, and  
I feel it. It’s not quite a breeze. It’s a wind so frozen and so thin.   I feel it. Something that does more than just nip A wintry needle that pricks toes up toward my chin   I hear it.
Back and forth the stilling moves With its contradictory motion And massive continuous applause Knock objects down like a wave at sea   Non-stop rain heavily pours on window panes
One word, one minute, one second  Of courage. All we want is one word. One word in a world so worried with what they'll think One word.   One word for those who hurt us. 
mommy would yu die for me no but ill kill for yu but mommy , thats enough i already love yu child lifes tough daddy would yu die for me dont test yur luck so little billy went to smoke a blunt
Can the people hear what we say? It’s not death that has us worried It’s not pain that makes us pray But the words used against us The weakness we gain from strength As we carry smiles, and heavy burdens
Let me bathe in the light of your hate! For there seems no other place nor person who cares more about your thoughts than I.
The Change is ... 
The things that haunt you, tear you apart inside. Can be pushed away by a positive light. No matter how far you go to reach it, the power within can defeat it.
I've seen bullying in my life, I've been on both sides. Some people say it's not the place to be, But I must say... "I just get off on the pain." - Now, it's been a while,
A child so happy Smiling everyday Lot amount of friends
Each and everyday, Innocent lives are being taken away, Crimes go unsolved, Courtrooms are being occupied What is the main reason for this? Violence!     The last thing I hear
A baby cries for help A mother hears its cry But what about the older ones to whom we don't reply?   A child in a bad home A teenage victime of a crime
We are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.Can't we all just get along?Can we continue to love one another,And help those in need?Can we bare each other's burdens,And pray for one another?
I've been broken
Hello, my name is homosexual and I am Patrick... PAUSE Gay Gay Not Straight That's the thing that replaces my name is Gay  And why When all the time I'm so much more
A girl sits in the classroom
As the night comes it's not slience we hope for, At night others try to rest for the next day, While we try to live through this one, Our nightmares don't exist in alleyways and dark street corners,
Go on now, let me be.
Go on now, let me be.
Ok I’m trapped in this world Matter fact, I’m trapped in my mind
Sometimes I wonder,
  Hypocrisy  In this day and age  Not for me But it's all the rage     People seem to think there invincible Other seem to think there sensible
Something about this room Holds a ghost of you In the dark it makes me cringe Causing me to check shadows When you dwelled here Your words where nine-tail whips Every vowel cracked mid swing
Just a small voice Just a drawing in the dirt It is my aspiration To be loved, to be heard   As surely as the wind blows As surely as a boat sails As surely as moon shines its light
Flawlss perfection. Perfect body. Perfect Teeth. Perfect clothes. Then theres me. Im a size 18-20 in pants My teeth are crooked and yellow. I think of Walmart as hollister.
People are like songs on the radio Two kinds: Those, that make you see reality and truth And those that are just noise,  meaningless, judgmental, and destructive
Name: Ashton Hair: Blonde Gender: Male 162 This number is Apparently What defines me But I’d rather not be defined by what I am A genius, thanks, But who.
Some days it feels like I barely have the strength to hold on to reality. As if at any minute I'll drift away like a silky ribbon in the breeze. Numb. To everything and nothing at all.
You sit there and pick at other people's flaws But yet you dare to self-reflect Not know how you effect other people's confidence You show people how to hate themselves But not how to love them
Her screams echo through your mind. 
Your beatiful ! You should know. I love you ! You should know.
I have one purpose in life and one purpose only, To give good company to those who are lonely. The earth was once a safe place to be, But someone decided to set hell free. The seven deadly sins are no joke to me
Wakeing up to broken glass under my feet. No shoes, no shelter, and stealing just to eat. Brakeing down just a little but no one heres my cry. No one knows how i got here I dont even know why. Why my mother Gave me up.
Wakeing up to broken glass under my feet. No shoes, no shelter, and stealing just to eat. Brakeing down just a little but no one heres my cry. No one knows how i got here I dont even know why. Why my mother Gave me up.
To be heard is not just to speak one's mouth It is also to speak with one's actions Speak with such volumes in those actions that it sends chills through one's body
The fighting, the beating, the fear, the shame Hit so hard, hurt so much, cry more tears, forget your name. Words don't hurt, they incapacitate.  Sticks and stones can't relate Cuts will close, bruises fade,
Another slam to the locker Too stunned to speak The laughs and giggles as they walk away
I feel my hands clench I see red I dare not sniff to smell the stench I hate my mother being sad    I wonder if its too late The blood keeps running I hope he takes the bait
You cut into my skin Whether you know it or not You don't think it a sin I'm just an afterthought   My troubles you laugh at And you say they don't exist Somehow it's just that
I cry because of what he said. I cry because of what he did. I cry because of what he left on me. I cry because I cry because of him.   Why am I weak? To this I cry.
All the time I see it happen, all around me it goes on. What do I do? Why do I do it? I Stand Up! I Fight Back!  I fight for the little guy.  I fight for what's right.  I do it for those who need help. 
Dear Alyssa,  
-The ripest and reddest of apples- "Hey there little one" Rings like after an explosion  It rubs me gently The wrong way "Gaining weight I see"
In my dream there’s a place where it’s clean No more waste in the air and the sea All of us uniting to purify the endless trauma Endless pain and suffering Take me to my dream, where there is no war
tick tick tick tick... here we go again everything I see pounding agaisnt my head tick tick tick tick... trying to make sense trying to be unseen  
"A Shooting at (Insert name here) School has left (Insert Number here) dead and (Insert larger number here) wounded. Police have blocked off the area and people have been escorted out of the building.
Shrinking back back back Don't look back back back At the damage you've done   Pushing back back back Don't talk back back back And do not be heard   Fighting back back back
Some Dont Realize  Words Cut Deep.  Like Razor Blades  On a Porcelain Wrist.  Those who are hurting  Cry out in agony.  Wanting someone to stop the pain.  Muffled screams 
Here they are now to say goodbye As they all listen to this fatal lulabye Abused and torn they curl up in fear Waiting to see if it'll all be made clear They're tired of hate and those who persecute
They are all simple wordsSimple rhymesSimple thingsNo one tends to realize what those simple words can cause to someone.When those simple thoughts are interepted
The flash of slaps and fists of rage will forever remain in scars 
A weed in a lawn full of grass. A disturbance an annoyance Ugly and fowl.
I scream. I am loud. I shout and I kick. I take the baseball bat and swing. My heart races when the fires take over And fury dances before my eyes As disgust fills me.  
Beauty   Beauty lies within,
What if I told you...that I rode the short bus to school Would you believe me? Dwelling in my own fantasy Color combinations compared to characteristics Let your insecurities rain reign. Black is my ass
My smile is a cover, a cover to hide the deep pains in my soul.
Where were u when I needed you the most? . Was It that bad that you had to go ghost.Ghost to my feelings , ghost to my emotions .
Where were u when I needed you the most?  Was It that bad that you had to go ghost.Ghost to my feelings , ghost to my emotions .
It was a sunny frid
Life is filled with pain Life is filled with sorrows Bottled up anger As it goes deeper and deeper It's too much to keep Tears shed everyday All the nasty commemnts i hear
One night into a deep, dark, sleep, I felt sorrow glancing at me. In it's eyes were a reflection of what had happen. i pray to God to overcome it. He gave me corage and sorrow was beerly seen again.  
One night into a deep, dark, sleep, I felt sorrow glancing at me. In it's eyes were a reflection of what had happen. i pray to God to overcome it. He gave me corage and sorrow was beerly seen again.  
How shall I describe thee? A Little More Than Kin A Little Less Than Kind? A viper turned Cobra with the murder of a brother?
WAIT HOLD UP......WAIT can you hear me now or were you pretending to know how or pretending not to hear me
I feel as if we are a family of trees with no water Slowly dying from being so dry and broken down When is the sky going to be bright and yet full of darkness for a shower to bat us?
You should know bullying hurts It starts with one word, one word you blurt Fat ugly, thot These are the words they hear. Did you know you're their biggest fear?
  oh how you try to say no  when no one is there for you  what do you do  i cut once then twice  as the blade is fild with pain  oh the rage  when will it stop 
As I gaze back in the past Back into the windows of that old worn out building I ask myself, “Why didn’t I run, run fast. Right past those old railroad tracks.
As I gaze back in the pastBack into the windows of that old worn out buildingI ask myself, “Why didn’t I run, run fast.Right past those old railroad tracks.Right into that old worn out town, never to return.”
I’m nobody That’s the name I was told Nobody, Nobody, Nobody All I hear is that word. Walking up with your head Up high as you pose off as A eagle with independence  
When you speak When you scream and shout and curse the heavens There is no can't, they won't You beg, you plead The world is moving forward Closure: the unforgettable goal
I do not understand. Why do people insist on bullying others? What is the motive? 
Dear Lord can you hear me, tell me what to say 
bully, Peace is what I want. bully, so why do you taunt? bully, Do not ball your fist. bully, do you get the gist? bully, I don't think you do. bully, I do forgive you.  
the boy cried and the world sighed but there was nothing they could do he was just another life lost another sad song a tally in the book of boo-hoo’s they said they were sorry
Bullies We celebrate the coming down of them But why can't we stand equal, as one of them? I can't stand them anymore! All the pain and hearts with sores Now, I don't understand 
Like a stone in a lake  slowly dragging and unwavering to release   Barely able to breath her heart cried out  for a conscience and leash  
Have Faith Open your arms wide and smile Perfection is part of refraction Even when you fail, you wont EVER fall!
Those day when I went to the bathroom, Those days I couldn't phantom, I hid the razor under my bed, I heard the voices in my head, Telling me a few more pills and this dream will be dead,
My heart is like glass One word One action Can shatter it so easily   My heart is like glass No father Arguements everyday Sorrow and heartache   My heart is ike gass
Boulders and stones,will break my bones,so screw the words you've told me.
                   This tale is unknown, only what is told. This is the tale of the Shadow world. It is a place unmarked, you’ll insist it’s unreal. It exists only in the mind of a sad, sad girl.
The first day of kindergarden, already being shunned like an outcast. Being pushed around everyday waiting for a real friend. When you think you've found one, they turn the other way while others burn you.
Bullying starts in your mind and make you feel insecure inside Bullying is a sin, because we are all God's children within. Why can't we stop this vicious sin? Is it, because we are too scared to step in?
Sometimes I wish I can get a
Dear Almighty Power,
Screaming only not to be heard, not a word spoken just a glimpse of the emotion,hurt the wondering soul that just wanted to run and hide, could only find a little corner, the girl who cried inside
Looks are deceiving 
If a stranger was the face reflected back You wouldn't break his jaw would you? Threaten to murder him for being black Or beat him for loving his fellow man Too often I see the withered dreams
Less than one-hundred dials more than two-hundred miles the simplicity of life is caught up in styles
Their words cut deep Their stares burn She walks the halls All the hushed whispers  Float to her ears She never fit in She never will Her long sleeves Hide all the scars
Before I end my sentence, Listen for once. Breathe through your heart, feel through eyes, and sing with an open mind.
Too often, People are ignored, Treated like they don’t exist, Too often, People are left alone and bored, The bullet might have killed him, But a thought is what pulled the trigger,
Free HimBut what has He done to free himself?
Unknown battles, dancing little silouttes, shadows blanketing my mind, bringing my past to the light, Of which my future is shattered in broken mirrors as I held my breath to fight.
Don’t give up just yet, We all go through hard times I don’t want to say goodbye, And I care so please don’t cry   But when I stand here with you, I see what could be so true
Screw this world for screwing me over Because the moment I learned to walk, it lifted my skirt and took away my purity with a touch of a twisted fate It became a cursed spot and an attraction for perverted fingers
Bullies and guns are not that different,
I don’t know how to speak.
Who was I?I was a little girl who went to mass every Sunday and sang “Santo Santo Santo” to the heavens as the salseros played sprightly music in the balcony of the church.
Who was I?I was a little girl who went to mass every Sunday and sang “Santo Santo Santo” to the heavens as the salseros played sprightly music in the balcony of the church.
Outside is black the shadow of the moon drapes over my skin I'm in my corner  Alone again Hours and hours i've been typing away in my own world Where the people catch my eye
With a blinding rage. Finally, you are out of the cage. Your true self is out, And of that you have no doubt. Your fists are as solid as a brick, Always fast, always quick.
Taking a look in the mirror…..
I try to scream for help,
STOP!  PUT THE RAZOR DOWN. Step away from the edge, you’re about to tip over. I’m not close enough to grab your hand so listen to my voice.  Stop.
Im screaming extremely loud but nobody can hear my screams, my screams that this is all just a bad dream. Im there for everyone in their hard times, but where is my shoulder to cry on in my hard times?
Eyes. There were six of them, green, blue, brown, and lavender. Now, why were they hovering? The lights were too bright to cast shadows, so why was there a lack of bodies to these eyes?
Empty.That's how I feel.
This is for Amanda Todd, a girl who died to young, a girl who thought no one cared, a girl who made one mistake she couldn't change, a girl who helped make bullying known.  
It wasn't always like this, that I can remember But now every move is a crime, every word is a weapon. Scream until it stops, then run. Then they can't penalize
I have one wish.
fast past down the hallways just stare and focus on one thing pretend it is all you care about just pray to God you aren't seen and hopefully you will be as invisible as you feel
Mirror, mirror on the wall, Fear shuts her eyes, No need to look at all. All you do is show and tell, Making her eyes burn like hell. Always showing what stands before you,
If we are all equal as races, why do I not feel as so?
The pain of the world takes a part of our hearts and souls And refuses to give it back until all of us are gone…. But we continue to be happy  
I spent so much time trying to keep things the same, when everything around me was shifting.
Memories to remember when we were kids  Those are the times we really lived Do you remember the times we were the closest? Now we just kick back and get roasted But what happens when it's time to graduate 
You're body is a temple, its been trampled upon by many destruction all over you. Sex with a new one twice a day because you need a remedy. Burying yourself deeper in your sorrow
Don't move,
You turnt me away you pushed me down  you always bossed me around   I wasn't allowed freedom  Til the day I escaped  I jumped off of the cliff side and into the waves...
The brush of ice cold fingertips leaves a red hot trail,
This is how my story could read, If I could help victoms families in need. Becoming a medical examiner would be a hardship and put me in debt, But there is no challenge that I have not met.
Step by step we walk a million miles Moving over mountains, through the sky Slowly wearing out the souls of our shoes Carving canyons in our wake   Hand in hand an act across the years
What society says, goes.
Look at the people around you With those dejected smiles. Forging a smile to make themselves Believe that their world is
Eyes dart back and forth, a world of malevolence tanspries when he is not looking. Everything shutters on and off,
Full lips Full hips they taunt they tease. Floral shirts Flowy skirts 
Being mean is something us humans do day in and day out. Evil runs through our vains.
If I had the power to change one thing, it would be this: I would change a characteristic many people have, and that is ignorance.   For we live our lives in a way that best suits us
Oh beautiful Rose that grows within the wasteland I see,  Why oh why I wonder,  Have you choosen to grow beside me,  What serenity I see and ponder,  Makes me believe you've lost your way amongst the lower fodder, 
What would I change? The poverty, the suffering, the illness The society's customary judgement toward uniqueness The homeless. the starving The suicidal souls who are stranded.
Where I’m from, Twitter knows everything before the news broadcast.  
We are at an UNREST! The darkness of the neighborhood comes out consuming our best. It is like a parasite, The evil come even when it isn't night. It is trying to convince others that its okay to be bad,
Is there a reason why the wound covering my heart bleeds?
When the world turns, are we turning with it? Or are you standing there like you did last week in the middle of a crowd while it flowed (hurried) around you? I turned for a second, and my heart
The girl screaming down the street
Our minds tortured by the cruelty of Society Mindless zombies don't wonder  what Is Right or wrong. Is it actually alright? No. It is 
The movies we embrace, are ones with nothing out of place. The movie we choose to see is not the one that shows how the movie came to be. We ignore the process and seek the finished project,
 Stop the violence in the world. We should be huging and sharing our opinion thorugh our words not with guns. Put down your weapons of anger and pick up the weapons of peace.
why      help    myself,
Every Day, Every Minute.... People get bullied ​Every day, Every  Minute.  Most bullies don't stop to think, "Are they really getting hurt by what I do?" Some see no wrong in it. 
Change. Change the world. Mold it with your brain. Define it with your pen. Protect it with your heart. What would you do for a world without war? if you could erase wars with the powers of your infinite imagination? No more war waging.
Many jobs can change a life. Teacher, doctor, husband, wife. In many ways large or small, A single role to benefit all. The professional I aspire to be, Has more or less chosen me.
The ocean level rises
Suppose that we could put a stop To violence all around the world. Observe the pain of others, and Prove what could be ended here.   Veiled threats and hidden bruises,
I’ve spent my life trying Trying to do everything Trying to be the best Trying to make my family proud In the beginning it was selfish I’d try to be a brat
If just one wish    Upon a star    Could change the world   Near and far     If just one voice    Loud and clear
I'm just another girl who walks down the hall. Pay me no mind, I'm just trying to get by.
  “The Bedeviling Strangers” By Hali Beth Muller
Put down all these weapons  Tell me what you reckon  That a knife or a gun will do for you . Trying to be a bad boy Now you stuck in handcuffs  And your feeling like a fool.
Its so ridiculous/ how much we can hate/ So ridiculous, the things that we take/ People tripping on others rhymes/ Is just a pure waste of our time/  Mouths spitting out others name, Is just crying shame/ You got to watch where you walking, and w
What Would You Change?   Fag  Loser Fatty
So you pick on me? Why? Do you really hate me like you said? Or is that a lie. Like the lies you tell to everyone else saying I did something Like I am your enemy Well your mine Your my enemy
The world is your enemy if you don't follow its rules. It eats you up if you don't change along with the people. They judge you and laugh at your for being the way you are.
We can only give to others
Life of a bully oh how it must be to have people cower all over your feet Storming and raging, even the skies are afraid of who ever would come across you and your rage  
Cause she didn't look, talk or act a certain way, she didn't fit in
Yesterday i lied awake, afraid it will be my soul to take, they crawl and rise to rip me from my sheets, but only to find i was never there to speak.   Yesterday i stayed up all night,
An innate animalistic ache gnaws at our undisturbed exterior war rape all manners of violence abuse murder stem from the stirring of an unconscious beast it is difficult to determine
Look Look around you See the world on a child’s face See the joy The sorrow The pain. It’s etched in the eyes They’re tired Tired of fighting The beatings It deafening.
      What would I change?                    What should I change?
Beth was quiet, and Beth was shy. So harmless she wouldn't hurt a fly.
Listen now and listen close. This matter here is not to boast. I'm begging you here on my knee. Please, will you just listen to me?
One, two,Don't know what to do.Three, four,Can't breathe anymore.Five, six,There's nothing to miss.Seven, eight,Too much on my plate.Nine, ten,Another teenager is gone again.
This world is turning violent. There is too much hate. We must learn to love eachother, Understand and appreciate. I would change this violence, if I could change this place Do everything in my power,
Society  We make society,
Bones vibrate from surprising guiltEyes shut so ti
I watched from afar, the world pass by, I stay in my santuary, my safe haven, my books as my reality, it makes this looklike a dream, I view it as a story, one to yet be finished, thisdream is my favorite, one with lots of twists, it has days and
She goes by no name. Nor has any friends. She sits alone watching everyone else smile and laugh.
What happened to hugs The feeling of being loved The warmth of a mother The protection of a brother   What happened to smiles The bright memories of a child Playing tag in the rain
Slithering like only superiors                                       could,their serpent mouths released the most vile                 declarations.  True sentiments to her unhappiness -in fact the main source - 
You put yourself on a pedestool When in reality you are lower Than the dirt you walk on Pride will only take you so far With your lying words Your sins so great They could never be paid for
Reach forth And end the day  Night bring full the horrors Nightmares  Frozen solid fear More than skin deep  A bleak sizzling silence The roar of no sounds 
To stand at the heart of the Earth And breath in a simple sigh With out stretched arms Reaching to the veiled sky Whispering simple words Of hope and praise Speaking modest thoughts
Floating through, Like a dream, Who is there to hear you scream? Alone at last, Peace was found, Let  alone you might have drowned. Body bags tight, Weapons concealed,
Will there be a day where the sky’s not grey Or hate and pain not overpower love? Will my ears block out all that others say And my eyes just see what’s pure like a dove?  
One small, Teensy, Little Act Can make a huge difference. The Butterfly Effect - 
Why would you just stand and watch? What if it was your friend or family? Feeling emotionally lost. Feeling as if no one is there. Feeling embarassed.
Only the fallen can see the falling. To the hurt, the stains are obvious. The scars are there.   Only the broken can see the breaking. To the tortured, the bruises
What I Would Change By Adde Kramer   Sadness I have a happy voice that can be heard by fe ut e people that do hear i hop are happy too.  
Two Million. Two million teens. Just like you. Just like me. Staring in the mirror wondering "Why?" Two million teens each year Try to take their own lives. Sitting in their room with the
The one thing I will change is the World, because it is a Battlefield through the pain and suffering that comes from violence, leaving your home may be the last time you ever see it again
The cold winter shiver trickles down my spine Soft winds brush against my visage A faint glow in the twilight as an obsidian darkness drapes over the world My over-worked hands, calloused and frozen
As I stare him in the eye The nerve in my brain send a sensation to my right hand  My finger twitched  and.... Bang!    A innocent life hit the ground  like a ton of bricks 
I was asked what I would change about this world. Would I change the war, drugs, crime? No. Because all of these are caused by one thing: Hate. We hate those who are different;
Compassion could change the world. Compassion could save the day.
Why in a world full of life do we hate? We put hate into others lives to help us relate. Why can't we clean the slate And reminisce in the beauty of a letter? Is it just fate?
trust the bird. birds cant be trusted. beautiful, but anxious. sittin with love, like it can be trusted, you get closer, and closer, and closer, deep in love.
Today in school i was disrespected, I told him to back off, dont get infected! His ego, his "friends" they all came through, to attack upon me, my fear did grew. 
How can you have the audacity to tell me to get over it? 
Empathy is better than sympathy, sympathy is the back bone in "common courtesy". However, in this 2014 world, humans seem to deny and reject the love each one deserves.
Who do you think you are?You call yourself checking me?
I am a lone wolf Who howls at the moon Desperately hoping for a returning call. Where will he put his trust and faith? Where will he go? When he lost everything what goals did he set?
All he needed was a friend/ But he was different/ So he was invisible/ His life more than miserable/ He had nothing already/ Home life unsteady/ The girls never liked him/ The boys wouldn't let him fit in/ The pain was all there was/ Pain was all
examine him closely
I know what its like, To not belong, To be called weird, Just for being me. I am alone, I know not what I did, I know not why, But I stand alone.
Humans are like a rose, They have different layers to its texture, It has thorns to hurt those that could hurt it, Comes in different colors for all to love, But even a rose hides its secrets.
  So many thoughts I have inside my head. I’m different Because of them.   Writing. It’s a passion. It’s my escape. The one way I can get all these ideas out.  
My power is me
What is wrong  with today's youth? We are all stuck  in our little booths.
One ton of smiles could change the world.  A little more joy, and a few kind words,
Today Oh there is so much violence Day to Day, no one is safe
If I had the choice to change one thing in the world, what would that one thing be? That one thing would be to end bullying!
Cold stares, crying children Dirty looks and those of pity Sadness, fear, and depression They all tie together in this city   But everything could change Starting with just a smile
Helping fa
What makes him or her think that it is ok the bully a poor young kid? If I had the power to change any one thing, big or small, I would change the mind of any person who thought it was a good idea to bully somebody.
If I had the power   If I had the power, I’d wipe all your tears
When I first learned that no one could ever love me more than mea world of happiness previously unseen was discoveredbecause somewhere along the line of aging and scrutiny and timeI was taught to despise myself 
Human Blindness By Sarah West   If I could change one thing in this world, If I could change anything at all,
Adjustments. beginning belatedly, but little by little demonstrating how we will never be the way we once were. Revisions. often occurring, but fix after fix
We lay rotted six feet under, Lost in the chaos of our time. Ashes of the ones before us will soon be our own. What more can we do But let ourselves crumble from our world's failures.  
You're begging for forgiveness  It's been over a month Your children are all tired But still she won't let up   It started with a message  Than many many more
    A sunny spring day while the kids are at school
What good would Earth be,
What is the one thing in this world that I would
(Written in the perspective of Isaiah, my little brother.) They point and laugh when I try to do thing And be a normal boy. They don’t understand the pain of being me, I can’t run and I’m not strong.
The very windows to our souls, that reflect, respect, reject.
  I made the lights of the city The city sparkled like a mecca for stars in the night
 My eyes gaze upon the pain of the souls of human kind . My thoughts rush like windy days how crazy to push some ones feelings off a cliff without a care of the world. how to see some ones life brush away like a summer day.
I Fight, I Fight For The Light. I Fight For Those Sitting Their Room, Crying At Night, Holding That Knife, And Wishing They Died.   I Fight For The Ones Who Lost Hope,
The silence of the night is broken
Cuts, sliced skin all given by you You've done it so long You don't even remember Your skin looking brand new   Sometimes you do it Just to watch it bleed Sometimes you do it
Pain, Torment, And Suffering this is all that my soul knows the kids mock, and tear at me piece
What is wrong with me? Why do you hate me so?
Vying for life a man loses his innocence and is forever haunted by the death he caused.  In an instant a young man's life is forever changed by the violence he metes out.
Hurricanes of life come swiftly, quickly as a lion, Destroying everything in its path such as a raged lion does.
“A world so hateful Someone would rather die Than be who they really are.” We let the hate consume us And when it dies We ache to exhume it. The power of hurt not only eats us alive
What would I change? That's a big question. For such a small person. I can't change anything. I'm only 5'3! I've never had the power to.. If I coud change anything, I'd change the tongue in every mouth around the world.
They looked, at his face in
I was thirteen And the bullying finally became too much. So I put the scissors to my wrist, And tore at my skin. And when I finished, I told my friend that I was ashamed
Little hearts thumbing  as they hid scared of the big man with a gun, they feared their lives  they hid and cried all he wanted was their lives no reason at all  just a mad man who stumbled 
words limp beaten and bruised from my lipswith eyes blackened
I AM the bathroom stall. Not just any, but the ones from an elementary school
Little girl she sits at home crying tears on her soft pillow left alone, feel alone lost and hopeless  cant be left alone   Little girl its okay you think this might be the way