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His heart was tainted with darkness abyss, Family ancestors of hatred violence,
4 years 8 months ago
MACE IN YOUR FACE!imagine I sprayed Mace in Your Face.and you didn't know what race I was.
4 years 8 months ago
Nappy-headed Loud Lazy Basketball player Torch bearer
4 years 9 months ago
Sitting alone in thoughts watching blood fall from the leaves at my feet, I see the seeds of strange fruit, calloused feet, kissed by God
4 years 10 months ago
Look at her, Like, you want to praise herAnd not chase herRender her at sightThat makes her face bright
5 years 4 weeks ago
     At a young age they say don’t discriminate. Be equal. Treat everyone the same.
5 years 2 months ago
It is 32 Degrees But I don't feel the frigid air attempting to consume me
5 years 4 months ago
Blow absorbing hate They're clueless 'bout the vision Yes-I am one in seven billion
5 years 6 months ago
Who are you to judge me Who are you to convict me of wrongdoing Who are you?
5 years 8 months ago
Don’t get me wrong, I love the color of my skin
5 years 10 months ago